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The name of the famous Egyptian artist, Iman Al-Bahr Darwish, topped the Google search engines and became a trend on the communication sites after sharp criticism of the Egyptian regime and its president Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi.

Iman Al-Bahr Darwish broadcast on his official Facebook page yesterday, a video speech that included harsh criticism of the regime and profanity.

Iman al-Bahr, grandson of the historical Egyptian artist Sayed Darwish, said that he is not afraid of arrest and will continue to speak the truth, denying the accusations against him that he is (Brothers), which was fabricated by the Sisi media by demonizing him, recalling that he was one of the biggest supporters of the Sisi regime in the beginning.

Iman Al Bahr Darwish

Iman al-Bahr Darwish continued that he welcomes arrest and even death, and issued an obscene gesture amid his speech as an expression of his rejection of the policy of oppression and intimidation.

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The video came against the background of other statements, which he wrote on his page, in which he said, “I will give you (I left you) a decent life that will never be achieved in light of this injustice and corruption that will never end?!… And watch the blessing that will come (that will begin) upon you from the Lord of the Worlds who He does not accept humiliation and humiliation.”

Rejection of the technical guilds

Following the spread of the video on social media platforms, the artistic unions in Egypt – cinematography, acting and music – issued a joint statement to confirm the rejection of all that was issued by Iman Al-Bahr Darwish, in terms of unacceptable interpretations and words of an artist who has a place in the world of singing, at a time when all forces are united Soft and wrap around the unprecedented achievements of the Egyptian state, according to the statement.

Immediately after that, the Syndicate of Musical Professions issued a separate statement saying, “The Syndicate of Musical Professions denounces what singer Iman Al-Bahr Darwish did and said in a live broadcast on his page, and to commit acts that degrade the value of any Egyptian artist and musician who accepts this disgraceful method.”

The Syndicate confirmed that what he said and did contradict all societal values ​​and sound human cultures, and that the foundations of society were the first factor in building a valid value society.

She also affirmed her confidence in Egypt’s leaders and agencies, which have proven their ability to succeed in a critical stage in the nation’s history.

AlNahda dam

The crisis began after the Egyptian artist’s statements weeks ago, when he commented on the news that Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi had assigned the government to desalinate sea water.

Iman al-Bahr Darwish wrote on his Facebook page, “After the maneuvers, the protectors of the Nile, and the (unreasonable talk) that they laugh at Prime Time Zone… the biggest problem is the agreement signed by the President of the Republic, which – as they say – does not guarantee Egypt a cup of water (a cup of water) and not The water quota, if this agreement is not legally canceled through Parliament, then wait for the misfortunes wholesale…”

He also wrote, “The President of the Republic threatens and threatens Ethiopia to strike the dam. If one drop of the Nile drops, we said: God is great! And he is maneuvering the protectors of the Nile, and we all rejoiced, and we said, Strike, Chief! After that, we find (we find) the news of the government’s issuance of decisions to take care of desalinating sea water! This means, quite simply and clearly, that the issue of the Nile is over what you think about (don’t think about it), and Ethiopia is shedding (mocks) the president and his threats, don’t you feel jealousy for your country and ashamed of this shameful position when we have the greatest army in Africa and the Arab region. And he swore that death was more honorable to him than what he called humiliation and negligence.

Allegations of belonging to the Muslim Brotherhood

Iman al-Bahr Darwish held the position of head of the Egyptian Musicians Syndicate between 2017 and 2019, and rejected allegations of belonging to the Muslim Brotherhood, which Darwish denied.

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He stressed that he was an opponent of the late Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi. He wrote that he knew that the prepared accusation that was said previously, is his accusation of belonging to the Brotherhood, which was denied by members of the Brotherhood themselves, and he denied it himself, as he was an opponent of the Brotherhood during Morsi’s rule.

Who is Iman Al Bahr Darwish?

The artist Iman Al-Bahr Darwish is the grandson of the Prime Time Zone’s musician Sayed Darwish, and he achieved widespread in his beginnings by re-presenting his grandfather’s songs with new arrangements.

In addition to his cinematic success in films such as “Forgery of Official Papers” and “Tair in the Sky”.

But he sparked controversy with his statements after a health problem he suffered, as he performed two minute surgeries in the brain, and was temporarily paralyzed for a period during which he underwent physical therapy in order to return to his normal life.

Egyptian lawyers had filed complaints against the artist accusing him of “insulting the state and inciting chaos”, after he criticized how the Egyptian government dealt with the issue of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam.

While Iman al-Bahr Darwish defended himself, saying that he would not allow anyone to compromise his patriotism, his love for his country, his army, and his president, refusing to distort what he said.

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