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In Asmaa .. Abdullah Al Shamsi was released in a deal, and the Sultanate of Oman released Abu Dhabi spies | A nation is tweeting out of tune


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Coinciding with the UAE’s release of the Omani detainee, Abdullah Al-Shamsi, identical human rights sources revealed that the process of releasing Al-Shamsi came within the framework of an exchange deal for detainees between Abu Dhabi and the Sultanate.

According to these sources, the exchange of detainees ’release between the UAE and the Omani authority included an Abu Dhabi spy unit.

Abdullah Al Shamsi

The Emirates Leaks website quoted its sources as saying that the UAE authorities have released two Omani citizens, one of them is the young Abdullah Al Shamsi.

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For his part, Emirati human rights activist Abdullah Al-Taweel said, in his tweets on Twitter monitored by (Watan), that the release of Al-Shamsi had a reward, as Muscat released three Emirati detainees accused of spying.

Al-Tawil also revealed that Abdullah Al-Shamsi was released with his uncle.

He pointed out that the Emirati detainees who were released by the Sultanate of Oman are “Rashid Al-Salhadi Al-Shehhi and Aref Sultan Al-Shehhi.

For its part, the ALQST Foundation for Human Rights confirmed the release of Abdullah Al Shamsi, an Omani detainee in the UAE.

Noting that he was subjected to enforced disappearance, torture and solitary confinement during his detention.

It was handed over to his family

The Center for Supporting UAE Prisoners announced, in urgent news, on Saturday, the release of the Omani detainee in Abu Dhabi prisons. Abdullah Awad Al Shamsi, and deported outside the Emirates.

The center published a tweet on its Twitter account, which was monitored by (Watan) Abdullah Al Shamsi’s picture, and commented on it by saying: “Urgent: The release has been released. Omani citizen Abdullah Awad Al-Shamsi and deporting him outside the country.

The Omani journalist, Al-Mukhtar Al-Hinai, confirmed the news of the release of Abdullah Al-Shamsi from UAE prisons.

He wrote in a tweet on his official Twitter account: “The news of Abdullah Al Shamsi’s release has been confirmed, thank God.”

He continued, explaining: “The release included the decision to deport him from the UAE, and he was handed over to his family through the Al-Buraimi governorate.”

Two days ago, news spread widely about Abdullah’s release from UAE prisons, after the Omani diplomacy intervened. And also because of pressure from human rights organizations abroad.

In detention since 2018

The UAE authorities arrested Al Shamsi on August 18, 2018, by state security forces.

And without a warrant, he was still a high school student in the Emirates, and he was only 19 years old.

Secret prison

Al Shamsi was then held incommunicado in a secret detention facility for more than six months, before being transferred to Al Wathba Prison.

Al-Shamsi revealed to his family during one of his few visits that he had been subjected to severe torture, especially during interrogation.

This indicates that the authorities were able to extract confessions condemning Al Shamsi under torture, which is one of the aspects of the unfair trial.

Al-Shamsi’s trial began in February 2020, more than a year and a half after his arrest, and he was denied access to a lawyer during his interrogation.

Al Shamsi’s mother sends a message to the era of Al Busaidia

It is noteworthy that in mid-January, the mother of the Omani detainee in the UAE prisons, Abdullah Al-Shamsi, sent a letter to the wife of Sultan Haitham bin Tariq, to ​​save her son.

She said in a tweet to her on Twitter, which was monitored by (Watan) at the time: “I address my message to the venerable Lady Ahed, wife of His Majesty Sultan Haitham bin Tariq. Your son Abdullah Al-Shamsi is asking God and you to end his suffering.

She added that her son’s health is not acceptable for him to stay in prison and dreams of completing university.

She said she hoped that her son’s message would reach the venerable wife, wife of Sultan Haitham.

Earlier, Abdullah’s mother asked about his fate, after the reconciliation was completed.

A message to Mohammed bin Zayed

The mother of Abdullah Al Shamsi also called on the officials in the Emirates, headed by Mohammed bin Zayed. And the Sultanate of Oman to intervene immediately and consider the case of her son.

Umm Abdullah Al-Shamsi said during a tweet on her Twitter account, which was monitored by Watan in early February: “I call on officials in the UAE and the Sultanate of Oman. By intervening and looking into the issue of my son Abdullah Al-Shamsi ”

The mother of the Omani detainee in Abu Dhabi prisons continued in her tweet: “It is not reasonable that my son will remain a prisoner for life.”

The grieving mother concluded: “In every contact my son asks for a conversation with his little brother whom he longed for, how long my heart will bear to see the longing of his brothers for him and his longing for his brothers.”

Al Shamsi suffers from psychological disorders, and with prison conditions, he tried to commit suicide and put an end to his life.

He also lives in one kidney after the second is removed as a result of a fourth degree cancerous tumor.

Human Rights Watch previously considered Al-Shamsi’s trial and life imprisonment an “unfair trial.”

The UAE allegations are false

The tweeters criticized the UAE’s claims of “tolerance,” considering that the “Al Shamsi” case exposed those allegations and revealed their falsehood.

Abdullah’s mother had appealed to the Sultan of Oman, Haitham bin Tariq, to ​​intervene in the case of her son, who was sentenced to life imprisonment despite his young age.

Espionage for Qatar

The authorities also prevented him from contacting family members for about six months.

The family, in turn, was prevented from attending most of the court sessions and accessing the indictment and other court documents. Charges were brought against Al Shamsi, including “spying for Qatar.”

Al-Shamsi’s mother confirmed more than once that her son is in a poor health condition, as he suffers from several physical and psychological illnesses, such as depression and mental disorders, in addition to high blood pressure, diabetes and kidney cancer.

This poor health situation did not spare Al Shamsi, and he was tried and sentenced to life imprisonment in a trial that was marred by many defects that make it unfair.

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