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In fact, a video in which the King of Jordan thanks Ibn Zayed after the coup attempt was thwarted A nation is tweeting out of tune


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Activists on social media circulated a video clip that sparked widespread controversy for the King of Jordan, where the account that published the clip was titled “In speaking about the failed coup, the Jordanian monarch, King Abdullah II appreciates the position of the Arab leaders, and in particular thanks to Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates United Arab. ”

King Abdullah’s video dates back to 2018

But after the video was circulated by some of the pioneers of social networking, it became clear that it is old, and dates back to 2018.

King Abdullah II was speaking in it with a number of military retirees, and he touched upon the aid provided by Mohammed bin Zayed for social programs. It benefits workers in the armed forces and retired from it.

It is noteworthy that the account that published the video is called “Kashef News.”

Those who follow the news published on this account will find them attacking Turkey and the Brotherhood and praising the UAE.

According to Agence France-Presse, it is sufficient to take a picture from the video and search for it on search engines; To find the original copy of this recording.

It is published on the Royal Hashemite Court channel on YouTube.

The cause of the crisis in Jordan

A report by the “Financial Times” newspaper touched on the cause of the crisis in Jordan, and the accusation of the prince Hamza bin Al-Hussein With “external parties” and so-called. “Foreign opposition” in “attempts to destabilize the security of the country” and “mobilizing citizens against the state.”

According to the newspaper, the reason behind the ongoing crisis in Jordan is the old and entrenched rivalry between the two brothers, King Abdullah II and the former Crown Prince, Prince Hamzah, who is reaching the stage of “hostility”.

Exploiting the economic crisis

The newspaper pointed out that Prince Hamzah was accused of exploiting the economic crisis and discontent with the regime, to achieve the king’s ambition, which is denied by the supporters of the former crown prince.

Manifestations of hostility between the two brothers

The newspaper said, “The manifestations of hostility between the two brothers go back for many years, and since the childhood of Hamza, my Lord, he will become the king, especially as he.” He speaks in a manner similar to his father, the late King Hussein, who decided two weeks before his death to appoint his eldest son Abdullah as crown prince, stripping his good brother from her.

The newspaper quoted a person close to Hamza as saying that his relationship with the king was “hostile”, which began with “complaining acceptance” of the decision to exempt him from the mandate of the Covenant. But after he “grew up, I believed that the Prime Time Zone around the king are corrupt and steal everything.”

Hamza and Abdullah do not talk to each other

The close person added: “It is known that Hamzah and Abdullah do not talk to each other, and Hamzah was removed from the army several years ago. It is a decision that increased his anger, in addition to changing his guard, which I think they were not to protect, but to spy on, ”according to the same person.

The king’s patience has run out

The newspaper said that Prime Time Zone around the king indicated that “his patience has run out, and when demonstrations broke out against the government in 2018, he was dismissed. The king, the head of government, the prince called on Twitter to fight corruption.

A close associate of the palace said: “The king was merciful, but Hamzah pushed the order and ruled the state, wandering around protecting it, using his privileges as a prince to work against the king.”

Despite the mediation of the two parties ’uncle, Prince Al-Hassan, who was“ marginalized by his brother years ago, ”and a decision banning publication in the media about the case. However, one of the sources said: “That is not the end of the story.”

Basem Awad Allah

With regard to the arrest of Bassem Awadallah, the former head of the royal court and advisor to Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, the newspaper said. He “believes that the palace does not trust Basem Awad Allah, who holds the Jordanian and Saudi nationalities.”

It quoted one of the palace officials, “Awadallah was the one who supervised and advised Prince Hamzah.”

The newspaper pointed out that an informed person said that the Saudis had asked the Jordanians to hand over Awadallah, and the request was rejected, while he was denied. Another person familiar with the Saudi position this request occurred.

The relationship between the prince and Awad Allah

Hassan Al-Barari, a lecturer at Qatar University, said that it was not true what was rumored about the relationship between the prince and Awad Allah.

He continued: “Hamza is a smart person, and he knows that Awadallah is not loved in Jordan. The prince was walking around the country speaking against corruption and the prescription. The neoliberalism Awadallah called for.

He added, “If he had ambitions, he would be stupid if he was associated with him … The regime made a mistake in its way of dealing with the prince, because he. It is popular among Jordanians. ”

The newspaper stressed that, “Although the matter is not related to a coup, the army – which is strongly controlled by the king – objected after meetings. Clan leaders and the increasing local pressure exacerbated by the outbreak of Corona, which raised the concerns of the security services and minors.

The newspaper said, “Hamza camp portrays it as a victim of the king, who is increasingly showing intolerance to dissenting voices, except.” Those close to the palace portray the former crown prince as obsessed with the throne, and is trying to exploit the country’s problems to weaken his brother, the king.

It quoted a close associate of the palace that Hamza “did not go beyond the fact that he would not become king, thinking apparently that he was made for the king.”

On the other hand, a close associate of Hamzah denied this and said: “All his fears were for the family and its legacy, and he will not do anything that puts them at risk.”

“Sedition is wiped out”

On Wednesday evening (7/4/2021), King Abdullah II of Jordan said that “strife has come” and that Prince Hamzah is in his palace with his family. Under his auspices, he stressed that “other aspects are under investigation.”

This came in a written letter sent by King Abdullah II to the Jordanians.

King Abdullah addressed the Jordanians, saying: “I am talking to you today to assure you that strife has ended. And that we wanted to be safe and stable. And will remain. God Almighty willing, secure and stable, fortified with the determination of the Jordanians. And with the valiant dedication of our Arab army and security services, ”according to a statement by the royal court.

The king added: “Consistency with positions has a price, but there is no price that would divert us from the right path that our fathers and grandfathers made with great sacrifices. For the sake of the elevation of our Prime Time Zone and our nation, and for the sake of Palestine, Jerusalem and its sanctities.

“The parties to sedition from inside our house.”

He continued: “The challenge of the past days was not the most difficult or dangerous to the stability of our country, but it was the most painful for me. So that the parties. The strife was from inside and outside our one home. Nothing comes close to what I felt in terms of shock, pain and anger, as a brother and guardian of the Hashemite family, and as a leader of this dear Prime Time Zone.

And the king added: “My first responsibility is to serve Jordan and protect its Prime Time Zone, its constitution and its laws. Nothing and no one is ahead of Jordan’s security. And stability, and it was necessary to take the necessary measures to perform this secretariat.

And he continued: “I decided to deal with the issue of Prince Hamzah within the framework of the Hashemite family, and entrusted this path to my uncle, His Royal Highness. Prince El Hassan bin Talal. Prince Hamzah committed himself before the family to follow the path of fathers and grandfathers, to be loyal to their message, and to place the interest of Jordan, its constitution and its laws above any other considerations.

The royal court stated, in a statement on Monday, that Prince Hamzah had signed a letter confirming his loyalty to the king.

King Abdullah II said, “Hamza today is with his family in his palace under my care.”

The king added, “With regard to other aspects, they are under investigation, in accordance with the law, until its completion (…) in a manner that guarantees justice and transparency.”

King Abdullah II continued: “Our country faces difficult economic challenges, which have been exacerbated by the Corona pandemic. We are aware of the gravity of the difficulties our citizens face. ”

King Abdullah II added: “We face these and other challenges, as we have always done, united. One hand in the large Jordanian family and the Hashemite family. Let us rise in our homeland, and enter the second centenary of our country, cohesive, compact, and build the future that our homeland deserves. “

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