In the Emirates … He forced his wife to drink urine, heated a fork and burned it with her, and he did things with her for a shocking reason | A nation is tweeting out of tune


An Emirati newspaper revealed shocking details about a husband beating and torturing his wife with an electric wire and burning her with sharp tools, causing her permanent disability and deformities.

He forced his wife to drink urine!

The husband was not satisfied with that, as he forced his wife to drink urine. According to the newspaper (Emirates Today)

The wife had resorted to the police and opened a report against her husband after she entered the hospital, to be seized and investigated.

The court confronted the accused with the charges against him during the court sessions, and he denied all of them, and said that his wife was cheating on him, and when he told her that he was going to divorce her, she hurt herself.

Injuries are untreated

The medical reports, accompanying documents, statements of witnesses, the victim, forensic medicine and the seizure report confirmed that the injuries are not fabricated but rather are assaults by others, and that the court is aware of the medical reports and documents.

Heat a fork and burn it with it!

The victim, the wife, stated in the reports of the Public Prosecution’s investigations and during hearing her testimony before the court, that the husband insulted, tortured and imprisoned her, as he used his hand and an electric wire, heated a fork and burned it with it, and he repeated that several times and at different times.

She pointed out that he had also shaved her hair and eyebrows, insulted her in offensive and shameless words, strangled her, bound her hands and feet, beat her and tortured her with a power cord on many parts of her body and pulled out her teeth.

She said that he locked her freedom by closing the door on her for a month and taking her phone from her, which made her unable to seek help from anyone, as she was unable to leave the room without his presence and knowledge.

Forensic report

The forensic report confirmed that the visible and described bruises in the body of the victim of the wife as a result of assault with various tools and on successive dates were torture over a period of time as stated by the victim’s statements, which caused her permanent disability and a degree of disability of 40% of the aesthetic appearance of the face, and the disability of 25% of The aesthetic appearance of the breasts, deficiency of 25% of the aesthetic appearance of the body, and 3% of the total capacity of the teeth.

The court listened to the maid who works in the victim’s house, who confirmed that the convict (the husband) was constantly beating his wife and she heard screaming because of the repeated assault on her, as the husband closed the door on the victim and prevented her from leaving for a month, and no one entered It only with his permission.

The Criminal Court in Ajman ruled that the husband was imprisoned for a period of one year and three months and obliged him to pay 179 thousand dirhams ($ 48.7 thousand) and deported him from the state after the implementation of the punishment.

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