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Argentine football legend and Barcelona captain Lionel Messi, 33, invited Barcelona players to have dinner on Monday evening, at his home after the team won victory against Valencia, by three precious to two goals.

And Lionel Messi was published while he was preparing to cook himself inside his own home, while the reason for a celebration behind the presence of the Barcelona team players was to ask the players to focus on the next match in front of the league leaders Atletico Madrid.

Messi and the next Barcelona match

And according to Spanish press reports, the Argentine player, Lionel Messi, demanded from his team during the celebration inside his private home in Barcelona.

And being able to collect the three important points to continue the competition for the Spanish League title in the face of Atletico Madrid.

After the sudden loss of Granada, which gave an outlet for Real Madrid and Atlético de Madrid to win the tournament.

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The face of Barcelona and Atletico Madrid

The Barcelona “Catalan” team will face the 35th round derby match against its neighbor, the Spanish League leaders, Atlético de Madrid, “the Blancos”, in the face of enduring surprise and difficulty between both teams at the end of the current season.

While the crowned Spanish league title “La Liga” has not yet been decided, in light of the convergence of points between the four major competitors on the Premier League standings.

Father of Messi and Laporta

In another context, it revealed the Spanish channel “TV3” last week. That the agent and father of the Argentine player “Jorge Messi” had reached an agreement regarding the conditions for the continuation of his son Lionel Messi “The Flea” with Barcelona.

The channel added, “The management of the Catalan team, Barcelona, ​​has not made any official offer yet to extend his captain’s contract with Barcelona.

The Spanish channel indicated that Laporta is awaiting financial reports on the club’s accounts and the team’s economic capacity during the coming period.

Messi and a long-term contract

And several Spanish reports confirmed that the father of the Argentine football legend had opened up his son Lionel Messi to sign a long-term contract with Barcelona, ​​adding: “Messi gives priority to sports matters more than the following.”

And Messi’s father, “Jorge”, indicated that his son, the captain of the Barcelona team, is looking forward to leading the new project and achieving success with the Spanish team Barcelona. Instead of getting a huge salary.

Messi and the tempting show

The Spanish newspaper “Mundo Deportivo” reported, quoting the famous Brazilian journalist for “TNT Sports Brazil”, Marcelo Pichler, saying: “The Paris Saint-Germain administration made an offer to Lionel Messi for two seasons in addition to an optional third season.”

The newspaper declared, “The financial management offer of Paris Saint-Germain, no one can offer the same by European clubs, and the Barcelona team has not made any offer to Messi for renewal so far.”

La Liga

At the top of the Spanish league standings, Atlético de Madrid with 76 points, followed by Real Madrid with 74 points.

Conflict between Barcelona and Real Madrid

While the Spanish team Barcelona came in third place with 74 points, equal to their arch-rivals Real Madrid, and in fourth place, Seville came with 70 points.

In fifth place, Real Sociedad came with 53 points, followed by Villarreal, with 52 points, in sixth place.

Real Betis and Celita Figo are in the league standings

The Real Betis team comes in seventh place with 51 points, while the Granada team comes in eighth place with 45 points.

In the ninth standings, Celta Vigo are on 44 points. In tenth place, Athletic Bilbao came with 42 points.

La Liga top scorers

And he is the top scorer in the Spanish League for the current season, the Argentine Lionel Messi, with 28 goals.

And the French striker Karim Benzema, the player with the Spanish Real Madrid team, came in the lead with 21 goals.

While in third place, Spain’s Gerard Moreno, the Villarreal player, with 20 goals, and only one goal behind Uruguayan striker Luis Suarez, in the Atletico Madrid team, with 19 goals.

Meanwhile, Moroccan player Youssef Nassiri, a player in the Seville team, came fifth in the standings with 17 goals during the current season.

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