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“Incest” … an international lawyer detonates a shocking surprise about the reason for the escape of Sheikha Latifa and Princess Haya | A nation is tweeting out of tune


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The legal expert and international lawyer, Dr. Mahmoud Refaat commented on the recent leaks of the daughter of the ruler of Dubai, Sheikha Latifa, revealing that her life is in danger, and dawn a shocking surprise about the reason for her attempts to escape, as well as the reason for the escape of Mohammed bin Rashid’s wife, Princess Haya Bint Al Hussein, with her two children.

It is noteworthy that two days ago I confirmed United nationsIt is discussing the issue of the detention of Latifa Al Maktoum, 35, daughter of the ruler of the Emirate of Dubai. Vice President Mohammed bin Rashid, who was forcibly disappeared for years.

Britain also expressed its concern over reports that the ruler of Dubai, Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, had been kidnapped for his daughter Latifa. And that, according to what British Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab announced.

Sheikha Latifa dropped the mask

Mahmoud Refaat said in a tweet on his official account on Twitter, which was monitored by Watan: “Latifa bint Mohammed bin Rashid, the ruler of Dubai, was shot down. The mask that the rulers of the Emirates have spent hundreds of billions to put falsely on their ugly face. And made the United Nations question the state officially.

And he followed a shocking surprise about the reasons that prompted Princess Latifa to try to escape more than once. Likewise, Princess Haya, who actually managed to escape: “The reason for Latifa’s escape attempts and the escape of the wife of the ruler of Dubai with her daughters is being obscured and it is time to shed light on it. He is incest in the family.

Yesterday, Wednesday, the British, British Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab said that the British government is concerned about Clips The video is for Princess Latifa. And you want to see evidence that she is alive and well. ”

“You can only see the footage, and we see that there are very painful images, which is very difficult,” added Raab.

He indicated that Britain was upset with him and that the United Nations would follow up the matter, calling for evidence to prove its existence alive.

This came, following a clip Video The BBC published it for Princess Latifa, and she says she is a hostage. In a villa transformed into a prison.

Amnesty International

Amnesty International issued a statement last September claiming that Sheikha Latifa was being held. In an unknown location, after she was arrested while trying to escape from the UAE for the second time.

Human Rights Watch said in May that the UAE authorities should immediately reveal a location. Sheikha Latifa bin Mohammed Al Maktoum, daughter of the ruler of Dubai, to explain her legal status.

She indicated that the lack of disclosure of her whereabouts and fate is considered “enforced disappearance”, given the evidence indicating that she was last seen. In it, the Emirati authorities were holding her.

The first Emirati response

In its first response, the United Arab Emirates said, on December 24, that its mission in Geneva had submitted a statement. Sheikha Latifa bint Mohammed Al Maktoum. The daughter of the ruler of Dubai for the procedures office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights.

The UAE Foreign Ministry issued a statement saying, “Its mission in Geneva sent a statement regarding Sheikha Latifa to the Special Procedures Office. Of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights.

She pointed out that she “refuted the false allegations and allegations, and provided proof that Sheikha Latifa lives with her family in Dubai.”

Serious leaks about Sheikha Latifa

In a related context, the British newspaper The Times said that the recent leaks that were published on the status of Sheikha Latifa are considered. A new embarrassment of the special relationship between Queen Britain and the ruler of Dubai. Which brought them a friendship centered on a love of horse racing.

The ruler of Dubai established the Godolphin stables, and the Queen has always participated in her own horse racing booth. The queen was said after. Decisions to try to kidnap two of his daughters said she would avoid taking pictures with him.

The newspaper said, that the British court decision last year about the attempt by billionaire ruler of Dubai to kidnap his two daughters threatened with tension. The relationship between Britain and the Emirates. It raised questions about whether Britain sacrifices human rights to protect its ally.

Ibn Rashid broke British law

The court concluded that Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum may have violated British and international law when he kidnapped his two daughters. This raises questions about the British police being prevented from investigating the disappearance of the youngest princess, Shamsa.

Sir Andrew McFarlane, head of the Family Affairs Department of the High Court of England and Wales was unable to determine what. If the State Department attempts to block the investigation into the 2000 kidnapping of Shamsa from Cambridge.

This is due to the Ministry’s refusal to cooperate with the court under the pretext of protecting British interests.

A special relationship between the Kingdom and the ruler of Dubai

According to the newspaper, the issue was embarrassing because of the special relationship between the Queen and the ruler of Dubai, which overtook her relations with. The sheikhs and other princes of the Gulf due to the general hobby of horse racing.

The newspaper added, “But the relationship is economic and political, not just personal. Sheikh Mohammed helped transform Dubai. It is one of the seven emirates that make up the UAE into a commercial and tourist center and to diversify the economy in preparation for the decline in oil resources.

She added: “Tourism constitutes 20% of the emirate’s resources. And British tourists are ranked third, after Saudis and Indians.

Association “I was imprisoned in Dubai”

The Association “I Was Imprisoned in Dubai” supported Sheikha Latifa in addition to a number of British tourists who were arrested on charges of breaking the laws. Ethical emirate. In addition to tourists, British weapons are an important source of arms deals that go to Saudi Arabia and the UAE.

The role of these two countries in the Yemen war was a reason to criticize the British arms trade with them.

Nevertheless, the Gulf region has been targeted as the main area for attracting investments and making business deals. Post-Brexit.

Matthew Hedges

Britain is considered one of the most important security partners in the region, but this relationship was not enough to save the academic. British Matthew Hedges from prison in the UAE for espionage.

Matthew was tortured and given a life sentence before being pardoned.

Last year, Human Rights Watch accused the UAE of presenting itself as an open country that respects human rights. Despite the accusations about serious human rights violations.

The British government has not publicly commented on the court ruling against Sheikh Mohammed.

Sheikh Mohammed denies

The sheikh denied the accusations and denounced the court’s interference in his private life.

However, as Sheikh Mohammed is the ruler of Dubai and the prime minister of the Emirates, which is an important partner, it is difficult for the Queen to abandon him. He was easily banned from her royal cabin in horse racing, according to the newspaper.

She added, “Like other rulers and princes of the Gulf, he tried to keep his private life out of public opinion.”

He married a relative, Sheikh Hind bint Maktoum Al-Maktoum, and had 12 children with her, in addition to other marriages, including the mother of both Shamsa and Latifa. And Princess Haya Bint Al Hussein, who testified in court about the custody of their two children in London, is a real nice story.

When Princess Haya fled, the sheikh began posting poems on his account on the Internet. And because the Gulf rulers do not tolerate criticism. And the opposition, there was no opposition to his projects in Dubai.

His local allies hope his “friends” in Britain will improve his reputation. But this is not the case, the elder Sheikh Rashid’s son. He had problems with drugs and nervous mood. He died in 2015 from causes that were not revealed.

The crown prince of Dubai, a graduate of the London School of Economics in London, is the handsome young face of Dubai, but he will not be “the prince on his bike.” He has a tiger who likes to post his pictures on social media.

Escape attempt

Sheikha Latifa had tried to flee in 2018 and her flight was intercepted by boat before reaching India. Destination boat. Which I rode with the help of a Brazilian-Finnish martial arts instructor. The owner of the French boat, which the Sheikha contacted to help her.

Since that time, as the last letters I recorded from the pigeons indicate, it has been placed under house arrest.

She said all the windows of the villa were locked with five policemen outside and two policemen inside, and I could not get out. Breathe clean air and I’m hostage, basically.

Sanctions on Sheikh Mohammed

Lawyers for Sheikha Latifa confirmed that they were preparing a file in which they would demand the British government to impose sanctions on Sheikh Mohammed.

The attorney answered me. Dickson, who has submitted Latifa’s case to the United Nations, said he would demand that the ministers in the British government use their close relationship with the UAE government and secure the immediate release of Sheikha Latifa.

Dickson added that the British government has a special responsibility to use the sanctions regime, including travel bans and asset freezes.

He continued, “The British government has not yet taken any action against the UAE authorities.”

According to the newspaper, the British government has a special responsibility to use the penal system, including travel bans and asset freezes

And he considered that the government’s failure to act “means submitting a request to them on behalf of the princess.” Without the threat, “the status quo will remain as it is.” This is a dangerous situation. ”

Forced Absenteeism

Last month, the United Nations Working Group on Forced Absence included Sheikha Latifa on its list.

Dickson said he expected the new evidence to accelerate her case at the United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva. Where he is expected to ask countries including Britain to vote for her release.

Sheikha Latifa Records

In the recordings broadcast on Tuesday night on the BBC Panorama program, Sheikha Latifa denounced the Commissioner for Human Rights. At the former United Nations Mary Robinson. When she claimed that she had visited Sheikha Latifa and that she was receiving the care of her “loving family.”

Robinson claimed “she was fooled in a terrible way.”

She told BBC Radio 4 after her interview that the princess was “a young girl with problems” and that she regretted trying to escape.

Robinson, 76, claimed on the Panorama program that, on her visit that took place at the end of 2018, she did not ask about Latifa’s condition so as not to aggravate. Her mental state after trying to escape. And because of her suffering from a double mental disorder, as was said to the former Prime Minister of Ireland.

“I was deceived when I posted the photo,” she added. It was a surprise, astonishment, and was misled by my friend, Princess Haya, who was misled by her role.

Princess come on and cute

Haya said that Latifa suffers from a dangerous double disorder, and they told me convincingly: We do not want Latifa to experience a new crisis.

He added, “I do not know how to deal with a person suffering from a disorder and I was not willing to increase her distress to a nice lunch.”

In the recording, Latifa Shagba said to Robinson, that she is a troubled young woman and I have medical problems for which I am getting treatment. This means that I suffer from psychological problems, and she knew that I was in good condition, and this was a lie, and she was deceived.

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