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As a result of the dangerous and sudden development in the health of the Kuwaiti artist, Intisar Al-Sharrah, she traveled to the British capital, London, to begin her treatment journey following the deterioration of her health in recent months.

It is scheduled, according to Kuwaiti media, that the treatment period will continue for a period of no less than 6 months, given her health condition and her need for a number of examinations, rehabilitation and dialysis.

While it is her last and most recent appearance, a number of Twitter users shared a picture of Nasr Al-Sharrah, accompanied by her daughter, Dalal, on the plane during her departure from Kuwait to Britain, calling for her health and a speedy recovery.

Intisar Al-Sharah’s health crisis

The artist, Intisar, suffers from the development of a severe health crisis after she underwent intestinal surgery, in November 2020.

As her health condition worsened, she was transferred to the intensive care unit at the Amiri Hospital in the State of Kuwait.

Who is the victory of Sharah?

Entisar Al-Sharrah is a Kuwaiti comedian, who first appeared as a singer, and entered the world of art through singing groups.

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Al-Sharrah then moved to acting after graduating from the Higher Institute of Dramatic Arts.

In her artistic balance, she has 55 plays, more than 81 series, and 14 comedy programs with her partner, artist Daoud Hussein.

During her career, she directed a single work, and presented 100 works of art on television and theater, in which she appeared in various roles and personalities, highlighting her talent and placing her among the stars of the first class on the Kuwaiti scene.

Especially in the comedies that made her the first lady of the Gulf comedy for more than 3 decades.

Al-Sharrah was previously exposed to health complications after an operation to remove stomach ulcers, and was transferred to the intensive care unit at the Amiri Hospital in Kuwait.

It is reported that Intisar was suffering from health problems in the stomach and kidneys, in addition to chronic diseases such as pressure and diabetes.

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