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Iran TV prevents women from setting one foot on another for fear of provoking viewers | A nation is tweeting out of tune


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The Iranian Radio and Television Corporation decided to prevent female television guests from placing one leg over another, under the pretext of fear of causing harm. By the physical arousal of male viewers or hosts.

A committee to monitor women only

State television directors, who declined to be named, said the committee monitoring broadcasts of programs on state television was too strict. She is strict about television guests, especially women.

The directors added, according to what was reported by the Iranian “Breaking News” website: “The monitoring committee is not satisfied with interfering with make-up and clothes. It also interferes with the way the presenters and guests sit, and women are under the microscope.

And the site continued: “Women should not put their feet on each other in front of the presenters, because that may be exciting for male viewers.”

Tight controls

Iranian television has always been subjected to widespread criticism from the Iranians for imposing tight controls on media professionals and guests. Many of them were punished, including senior media professionals.

And recently, one of his announcers faced a decision to suspend her from work indefinitely because of one of her guests.

Inviting citizens to dance causes the broadcaster to be fired

This came after one of the guests of a program presented by the presenter, Rosita Gobadi, invited citizens to dance in their homes to alleviate the tension resulting from the stay. At home for long periods, as a result of their commitment to precautionary measures to prevent the outbreak of the Coronavirus.

At the time, a report by “BBC Fares” stated that one of the guests of the “Sheb Yalda” program told the viewers: “You have to dance, because the tension caused by the atmosphere of the Corona virus may decrease.”

The presenter, Rosita Gobadi, was forced to apologize to the citizens and authorities in the following episode, and said: “The guest may have used words. Without the level of addressing the audience, while I had to correct his speech as the presenter of the program, but the time of the program was short. ”

Rosita Gobadi – who is the presenter of the popular program “The Age of the Family” shown on Iranian TV Channel 2 – has been suspended from work and filming. For an indefinite period, on charges of “inviting citizens to dance.”

Heavy punishment for a broadcaster for liking a banned singer

Last June, the Iranian Radio and Television Corporation decided to expel the veteran broadcaster, Mohammad Reza Hayati, after he admired the voice of a singer banned in Iran.

In a press interview, Muhammad Hayati talked about the conflict between the Iranian singer Abi-exiled abroad and Mohsen Jaouchi, who lives in Iran, and which has spread. On social media.

Muhammad Hayati said: “I am a fan of Abi, his voice brings back past memories to me. I enjoyed his songs for nearly 50 years, and I love them all. But Jaouchi is also one of my favorite singers, and he has a special place for me and added a new color and style to Iranian music. ”

Muhammad Hayati was later surprised that he was asked not to come to the Iranian TV building, and he said: “They called me and said, ‘Don’t come, although I told them previously that I wanted to retire. Before they told me, I asked them to stop working on television. ”

And he continued my life: “Maybe Mr. Ali Askari, the director of the newsroom, or the assistant political affairs, I was upset with what I said, but what I said. He was sincere, which is what the Prime Time Zone feel as well. ”

Announcer fired because of a guest

And last month, the head of the Radio and Television Corporation, Abd al-Ali Askari, fired the journalist, presenter and author of the political program “Zawya” that. It is broadcast on Channel 4, after one of the program’s guests accused President Hassan Rouhani of drug use.

At the time, Tasnim News Agency quoted informed sources as saying that Zawya’s program, Habibullah Rahim Pour Azghdi, had been fired. On Channel 4, by Abd Ali Askari’s decision, due to the insult of President Hassan Rouhani.

And that was after he hosted, in a direct interview on Channel 4, the director of the Institute of Culture and Islamic Thought in Tehran, the Iranian cleric, Ahmad Jahan Borghey. And who accused President Hassan Rouhani of drug abuse.

Borghey did not explicitly say that Rouhani does drugs, rather he referred to that when he said, “Rouhani is not interested in the country’s problems, and may sit at his home. Beside the stove, ignoring what is happening in his country, and does not communicate with ministers.

The term sitting by a fireplace is used in Iran to denote drug use.

Abdul Ali Askari apologized to President Rouhani after the latter threatened to file a case against the state broadcaster Radio and Television.

Askari said in his apology: “We apologize to television viewers and respected President Hassan Rouhani for the unintended statements made by one of the guests on our screen.”

Prominent announcer split

Just days ago, the broadcaster and sports correspondent on Iranian TV, Muhammad Hirani, announced his defection from the Radio and Television Corporation.

Muhammad Hirani confirmed that he left the capital, Tehran, where he had been living for years, and moved to Frankfurt, Germany, describing the situation in Iran as “miserable.”

Muhammad Hirani, who was a media advisor to Istiqlal Tehran Football Club, wrote on his Twitter account: “I left Iran a while ago. I believe that this separation from the homeland is eternal and permanent. ”

“I went back to Iran on days like these three years ago and I thought that I should apply what I learned over the six years. I spent in Europe, but the reality was far from my idealistic mentality.

“The bitter experiences of these three years caused the collapse of the vivid image that I had created for myself, unfortunately for the country I came from,” Heyrani said at the time. Where I lived and went to university and work, we live in a miserable situation that there is no way out for it. “

At the time, Heyrani spoke about the reasons for his departure and permanent immigration, saying: “I was repeatedly closed to my Instagram page, and I was arrested. More than once without justification, and threats from security.

In statements carried by IranWire, Muhammad Hirani said that he was forced to leave Iran forever.

It is worth noting that the head of the Iranian Radio and Television Corporation is appointed by the Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei every four years.

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Iran TV prevents women from setting one foot on another for fear of provoking viewers |  A nation is tweeting out of tune