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The 41-year-old Iranian athlete, Javad Foroughi, won the gold medal in the shooting competition with an air pistol from a distance of ten meters, to be awarded a gold medal in the Tokyo Olympics.

Foroughi Viran

Iran’s Foroughi scored 244.8 points, surpassing his Serbian counterpart Damir Micic, who won the silver medal with 237.9 points, while China’s Pang Wei, the 2008 Beijing Olympic champion, won the bronze.

South Korean shooting legend Jin Jong Oh failed to increase his record and achieve the fifth gold medal in the history of his professional career, after he failed to qualify for the final of the air pistol championship from a distance of ten meters.

Foroughi is ranked first in the rankings of the World Federation of Shooting Sports with two gold medals in the World Cups in India and Croatia, and he also won third place at the level of the Asian continent in the Qatar Championship in 2019 after obtaining 558 points.

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Foroughi and the gold medal

“We showed good performance in this competition, and I am very happy for the Iranian Prime Time Zone, and perhaps it is the first in the history of Iran in this competition,” said Iranian Foroughi.

Foroughi added about facing his Serbian opponent, ranked fourth in the world, who won the silver medal, saying: “We have faced each other for two years and I know that he has the ability to break records, and I did not feel any danger from the other competitors.”

In the same context, the Chinese Yang Qian won the gold medal in the women’s air pressure rifle from a distance of ten meters in the shooting, by scoring 251.8 points.

While Russia’s Anastasia Galashina took second place in the competition, while the bronze medal was won by Swiss player Nina Christen.

rifle shooting sport

This sport is concerned with aiming at a target and includes seven different types: rifle, bowling, skeet, down the line, free pistol, and rapid-fire shooting, all of which use different weapons and ammunition.

It was adopted as a sport by the National Rifle Association in the United States of America in 1871.

It was then classified in the sports competitions of the Olympic Games, which began in the Greek capital, “Athens” in 1896, and then in France in Lyon in 1897.

It is noteworthy that the activities of the Tokyo Olympics will continue until the eighth of next August, without the presence of fans due to the repercussions of the outbreak of the Corona virus.

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