Iranian intelligence tried to lure the “Israeli traveler” through the Emirates | A nation is tweeting out of tune


An Israeli blogger revealed the details of attempts to lure him by Iranian intelligence agents, after their contact with him. Through the social networking site “Instagram”.

Luring Israeli traveler Across the Emirates

Israeli travel blogger Matan Hirsch, according to The Times of Israel, said the Iranian agents had tried. Lure it to the Emirates.

Earlier, Israel revealed Iranian attempts to lure Israelis, via the Internet, and to trap them through affair.

The Shin Bet and the Mossad said, “Iranian agents tried to lure Israelis to meet outside the country in an attempt to harm or kidnap them.”

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The joint statement said, “Iranian agents have created fake pages on the Instagram social networking application, often of women working in the tourism sector, and they have contacted Israelis.”

Israeli traveler

One of the Israelis contacted by Iranian intelligence agents was travel blogger and photographer, Matan Hirsch. Who runs an Instagram page titled “The Israeli Traveler.”

“I was contacted by a personal page called Mary Vidal, and when I answered her, I saw something strange on her account,” Hirsch said. Represented in the presence of only 4 pictures, all of which relate to Israel.

He added that the person behind the profile, which bears the name Mary Vidal, tried to lure him to Dubai. To meet him after he congratulated him on the New Year.

Hirsch said he never intended to travel to Dubai because he suspected the account was fake, but he did not expect it to be. Iranian intelligence is using this account.

Another issue

According to the Hebrew Channel 13, another Israeli man had already boarded a plane to meet a woman he met on Instagram. When Israeli security officials reached him at the last minute, they prevented the meeting.

She referred to attempts to attract Israelis to meetings abroad, motivated by commercial offers or “offers for a romantic meeting.”

According to a statement by the Shin Bet, these activities include “Turkey and Arab and Gulf countries that establish relations with Israel and countries in Africa and Europe.”

Iranian attack in Iraq

Earlier, the Israeli newspaper “Jerusalem Post” revealed the truth about what was circulating in the Iranian media regarding the targeting. Agents of the Israeli Mossad in Iraq.

The newspaper denied, according to unnamed sources in northern Iraq, what was reported on the Iranian “Press TV” channel about an attack. Mossad agents.

Media in Iraq and others linked to Iran, including Press TV, reported that “the Mossad Israeli spy agency. I was attacked in Iraq. ”

However, four sources for the newspaper denied that there had been any attack in northern Iraq, and no Kurdish media outlet published any news about the event. Or “she was aware of it” until Tuesday evening, according to the newspaper.

A lot of doubts

She said the sensitive nature of the allegations, coupled with a lack of detail, left many doubts about the alleged attack.

The newspaper reported that on April 10, rumors in Iraq from pro-Iranian sources claimed that “the Turkish intelligence agency. It works with Israel against pro-Iranian groups in Sinjar, northern Iraq. Although there is no evidence about that.

In late June and early July 2020, figures close to Tehran in Iraq accused Israel of flying in the airspace.

In September 2019, Iran loyalists in Iraq claimed that there was an Israeli military presence in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq. The provincial authorities denied this.

Mysterious accident

This comes, days after Iran announced that a mysterious accident occurred inside the Iranian nuclear reactor, “Natanz”, and that the investigation is underway. To know the circumstances of this accident that did not result in injuries or radioactive contamination.

In this context, the spokesman for the Iranian Atomic Energy Organization, Behrouz Kamalondi, announced that an accident had occurred in the electricity distribution network. In the uranium enrichment facility at the Natanz reactor.

According to Iranian media, “Kamalondi” said that the accident did not lead to nuclear contamination, and it did not result in any injuries. Adding: “We are working to verify the causes.”

According to the spokesman, “The martyr Ahmadi Roshan site for uranium enrichment in Natanz was exposed to an accident at dawn on Sunday. Confirming that there is no. Human injuries or radioactive contamination as a result of the accident.

Kamalondi added that investigations are underway to find out the causes of the accident, and it will be announced at a later time.

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