Iraqi Dalia Naim raises controversy: “I don’t have time to pray”… and this is what she said about Sheikh Abdul Rahman Al-Sudais | A homeland tweeting outside the flock


Iraqi media, Dalia Naim, sparked widespread controversy among activists after talking about her relationship with prayer and her favorite Quran reader.

Dalia Naim: I don’t have time to pray!

Dalia Naim’s speech came in response to the Iraqi media, Nizar Al-Faris, who hosted her on his program (With Al-Fares) on Al-Rasheed TV, who asked her about her relationship with God and whether she prays or not.

Dalia answered by saying: (You, Nizar, implicated me in this question, I want to pray always, but the problem I have is in the time, I do not have time to pray, and at length I say I will continue to pray, for example, I have a program and with you it is time for prayer, how do I pray and make up).
And Dalia Naim continued: (My prayer is not continuity, on the contrary, God willing, I will continue to pray, and it is not a condition for my prayer today, and the delay of my prayer tomorrow, this topic is wrong).

Dalia Naim does not know Sudais!

When Nizar Al-Fares asked her about her favorite Quran reciter, Dalia replied: (I do not know of any reciters other than Sheikh Al-Afasy, and I love to listen to Surat Al-Baqarah from him, and I do not know other reciters, I am not an Islamic preacher. this question).

When Nizar asked her if she knew Sheikh Abdul Rahman Al-Sudais or Yasser Al-Dosari, she said: (Frankly, no), what shocked the Iraqi journalist.

professing disobedience

Dalia Naim’s statements sparked controversy and anger among the followers who accused her of openly committing sin, and one of them wrote: (Oh God, do not make us among those who openly commit sin, may God guide her).

Another mocked by saying: (I mean, I ask forgiveness of God for his creation, religion, or afterlife).

Another wrote: (There is no might and no power but by God. We have become in a time when many adhere to Islam by name only, and its excuse is worse than sin, and it speaks as if prayer is a complementary topic or Sunnah and not the pillar of Islam and the main pillar.”

Another saw that Dalia Naim’s cognitive level is weak and wrote: (It is trivial, and this is the level of her intellect… Although I don’t know her, but if her words are good, God will replace her).

Another commented: (But she has time to do her makeup to make her look like a clown).

(The person who lost his last fortune)

Dalia Naim spoke about being insulted by one of the callers on her program.

And she said: (This caller is because he was paid by a person, unfortunately, I do not know who he is, but he is from outside the middle, and he is jealous of me, and then I learned his name, which is not the common name, and I learned what his situation and subject are, and he was arrested because I was supported by a person whose name I do not need to mention and I do not like to comment on this topic).

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Regarding her controversial looks and makeup, Dalia replied: (I want to ask a question, is my makeup more affordable? There are Prime Time Zone who are mentally ill and focus on these things, such as destroying makeup, and although I naturally present episodes of my TV show, I find that the topic has caused an uproar).

And she continued about plastic surgery: (When I do an advertisement for a plastic surgeon, all the beloved ones go to him. We want like Dalia’s nose and lips, and I am convinced of my appearance and Prime Time Zone are jealous of me and wish to be like me, and this is not arrogance.”

Nizar Al-Fares: Dalia asked me to delete two questions

In the same context, Nizar Al-Fares expressed his happiness with the audience’s reactions, regarding his episode with Dalia Naim, describing it by saying: (a ring of fire).

Nizar Al-Fares denounced the criticism of some of him by asking religious questions to his guests, saying in a statement to the Egyptian newspaper (Al-Watan): “Religion is an integral part of our daily life.. Like the artist is an expert in his art and has high-end technical information, I have the desire to know his religious information and how close he is to Lord of the Worlds).

Nizar added: (I, as a journalist and dialogue director, have the right to ask any question, and the guest has the right to respond as he wants, as there is no mandatory case on both sides).

Nizar Al-Fares also revealed the presence of deleted parts from the Iraqi episode of Dalia Naim, adding: (When the guest tells me to delete certain clips, I delete them immediately, with love and happiness).

Nizar Al-Fares pointed out that he was surprised by a message from Dalia Naim, after the episode was shown, in which she said (Delete the two questions from the version that will be shown online), stressing that he responded to her request immediately, and said: (Any guest who asks me to delete any question from his episode will do this for sure. ).

Dalia Naim tops the social media in her form

Dalia Naim had topped the conversation on social media last Ramadan, because of her obsession with plastic surgery, which made her another ridiculous person.

Naim appeared during the presentation of a Ramadan competition program at the time called “Our Game is Fire”, on the “Zakross” satellite channel, and she looks like a doll and not a real person because of the severity of the plastic surgery.

Naeem also puts a lot of cosmetics on her face in bright colors, and dyed her hair yellow, which sparked widespread controversy about her appearance that is not appropriate for the holy month.

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