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The International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) suspended Iraqi sprinter Dana Hussein, 35, from participating in the Tokyo Olympics, as a result of her doping, according to medical reports.

Dana Hussein and the penalty of suspension

Iraqi runner Dana Hussein appeared in a video clip, through her personal account on the social networking sites “Twitter”.

She said, “The suspension imposed on me is a temporary punishment in itself, and the examination that was found in the examination is less than the minimum for cortisone, which is a medical substance to treat allergies.”

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And the runner Hussein indicated that the period of the temporary penalty imposed, and it was until the 23rd of July, is awaiting the response of the Iraqi Athletics Federation to the report of the International Federation.

The Iraqi Federation and the Olympic Committee

The Iraqi Athletics Federation reported that runner Dana Hussein had been suspended by the Tokyo Olympic Organizing Committee for taking doping drugs.

And the Federation indicated that the player was temporarily suspended and not excluded from the tournament, indicating that the materials revealed by the analyzes, according to the International Federation’s report, are not doping substances.

He added, “The runner Dana Hussein denied doping, and the tests that were conducted for her before the qualifying participation did not prove that she had used doping.”

Plastic surgery

And the Iraqi Federation continued, “Dana informed us that she had undergone a plastic surgery for her nose, and the treatment for the surgical operation was used, which contained a percentage of cortisone, which is one of the types of steroids, and after examination, it was found that there was a very small percentage of the drug’s steroids.”

The Federation indicated that the International Federation will send the report of the doctor who performed the operation, in which he confirms that the drug used was within the procedures of the operation.

Tokyo Olympics

The Tokyo Championship is scheduled to start on Friday, July 23, and end until August 8.

The Tokyo Olympics this year are limited to competing without the presence of fans due to the outbreak of the Corona virus, after the organizers of the competition announced.

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