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Iraqis sue their former prime minister, Adel Abdul Mahdi, in France | A nation is singing out of tune


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French courts recorded the first lawsuit filed by families of Iraqi protesters against the former Iraqi prime minister. Adel Abdul Mahdi, who holds French citizenship and his family.

Demonstrators against Adel Abdul Mahdi

French lawyer Jessica Final said that 5 families of Iraqi protesters had filed a lawsuit against the former prime minister in Iraq, Adel Abdul Mahdi.

She explained in a press release, that this was following charges related to crimes against humanity that included “murder, enforced disappearance and torture.” During the demonstrations in Iraq since the beginning of October 2019.

They are counting on the French courts

The French lawyer indicated that the five families had filed a judicial complaint with the Public Prosecution Office responsible for combating crimes. Against humanity in a Paris court, to prosecute Abdul Mahdi for crimes related to five protesters.

Three of the five were killed and a fourth was seriously injured, while the fifth citizen was subjected to enforced disappearance.

The text of the French lawyer’s statement added that this lawsuit sends a clear message to the Iraqi authorities. It must respect international treaties that guarantee basic human rights.

The Iraqi constitution

In addition, the attorney stressed that although the Iraqi constitution guarantees freedom of expression and assembly, these demonstrations were suppressed from the start with immense brutality.

And she continued, “Then the matter became cliched and systematic through the firing of live bullets, the proliferation of snipers, and the use of tear gas canisters and smashing skulls at close range.”

The complaint, which is 80 pages long, documents “the involvement of the authorities, including Prime Minister Abdul Mahdi, in human rights violations.”

Where “the crimes were highly organized and based on government policy to commit attacks against demonstrators.”

Prosecutors also accused the former prime minister of not “taking reasonable measures to prevent these crimes, but rather encouraged them through words and deeds and neglecting them.”

Adel Abdul Mahdi “Behind Bars”

Final concluded that “the former prime minister did not take the measures that his position authorizes him to take to prevent these crimes, and he deliberately pushed for the establishment of a climate of impunity, which encouraged their recurrence.”

A number of ethnic politicians and social media leaders welcomed this judicial measure against the former prime minister, Adel Abdul Mahdi.

This came through the hashtag #Adel_Khalaf_bars, on social media platforms, calling for accountability for all those involved in the killing and suppression of demonstrators.

Iraqi demonstrations

In October 2019, thousands of Iraqis demonstrated against Corruption In a move dubbed the “October Revolution”.

The demonstrations that broke out on November 25, 2019, led to Abdul Mahdi’s resignation from his post. But after hundreds of demonstrators were killed and thousands were wounded in Baghdad and a number of provinces.

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