Is Jennifer Lopez back with Ben Affleck after her split? This is what the cameras detected and raised suspicion! | A nation is tweeting out of tune


The American singer Jennifer Lopez was spotted by the cameras, accompanied by her fiancé, the former international actor Ben Affleck (48 years), which brought back the conversation about their return again after years of separation.

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez together again!

Jennifer Lopez previously had a deep love affair with superstar Ben Affleck, and they announced their engagement in 2002, but they separated in 2004.

And Big Six reported that Jennifer Lopez, who recently split from her fiancé baseball player Alex Rodriguez, has appeared on several occasions with Ben Affleck.

The American actor was also seen driving to Jennifer Lopez’s California home with a white Escalade SUV belonging to the latter.

Jennifer Lopez

The newspaper reported that Ben Affleck has visited Jennifer three times since her return to Los Angeles, where she was on a working assignment in the Dominican Republic to complete the filming of her new movie (Shotgun Wedding).

Frequent visits raised suspicion

On April 22, cameras detected Ben Affleck the moment he met Jennifer Lopez in a hotel, and a week later he was filmed leaving her home, and the matter was repeated the following day.

أفليك Is Jennifer Lopez back with Ben Affleck after her split? This is what the cameras detected and raised suspicion! | A nation is tweeting out of tune

All of these things made rumors spread about an emotional relationship between the duo, but sources close to Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck confirmed that they were just friends, and that they had always been close to each other.

Jennifer Lopez’s first appearance after the breakup

Jennifer Lopez caused a sensation among her followers on her first appearance after announcing her separation from Alex Rodriguez.

Jennifer Lopez published a group of photos of her through her official Instagram account, during which she appeared wearing a white shirt and trousers of the same color, and left her hair down with a white rose, and commented: (Coffee talk).

Followers praised Jennifer Lopez’s first look after the separation, and emphasized that she never looks at the age of 51, but rather looks much younger.

Five days ago, Jennifer Lopez and her ex-fiancé, Alex Rodriguez, announced their final separation in a joint statement.

(We are best friends)

The couple said at the time, in a joint statement to the (Today) program, that they had permanently annulled their two-year engagement.

“We have realized that we are better friends and we look forward to staying that way, and we will continue to work together and support each other in our joint business and projects,” their statement read.

And they continued: (We wish the best for each other and our children, and out of respect for them, the only other comment we must say is thank you to everyone who sent the kind words and support).

Why did Jennifer Lopez divorce her fiancé?

In the same context, ELLE published a report entitled (Why did Jennifer Lopez separate from her fiancé Alex Rodriguez?), In which it discussed the reasons for the separation of a relationship that seemed ideal for four years.

The report indicated that the idea of ​​separation is not an emergency, because the last meeting between Jennifer Lopez and Alex was in the beginning of March, and since then they have not met.

And based on the statements of a source, Jennifer and Alex have been suffering from tension and problems in their relationship for some time.

The report named reality television actress Madison Likroy, and said that she may be among the names that have caused tension in this relationship.

Is Madison Likre the reason?

Madison Lickroy had previously hinted at a relationship she had with a former baseball player during the stone period, which was interpreted as being intended as Jennifer Lopez’s former fiancé Alex.

Madison Likroi’s comments came after numerous reports spread that Alex was one of Madison’s most followers on social media.

The report indicated that although Lopez confirmed on more than one occasion that she had full confidence in Alex, she touched on postponing her wedding twice due to Corona, during statements in January of this year with the ELLE website.

Lopez hinted at the time that her decision regarding the marriage step was not resolved, and in response to the timing of the wedding she said that she did not know what would happen in the end.

“We postponed the wedding twice,” Lopez said at the time. “We had planned what we really wanted to do, but I don’t know if we were able to rethink that. We recently scrapped the idea, and since then we haven’t really talked about it.”

And she continued: (There is no rush on our sides to embark on marriage, we want to do it right when we can do it).

These statements were considered by the report as a signal from Jennifer Lopez to the possibility of separating from Alex, which happened in the end.

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