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Italian Foreign Minister embarrasses Sisi before the Human Rights Council after the Regeni scandal | A nation is tweeting out of tune


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The Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Egyptian regime led by Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, has demanded that the murderers of the Italian researcher be held accountable. Giulio Regeni, and the release of human rights activist Patrick Zaki.

where is the truth?

And Italian Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio called on Cairo to show the truth about the circumstances of what he described as the brutal murder of Regeni. And bring to justice those involved in that crime.

This came in a speech by the Italian minister before the 46th session of the United Nations Human Rights Council, which was held by video link in light of the Corona pandemic.

Di Maio said: “Let me express my deep concern about the critical situation of human rights defenders and activists. In different regions of the world ”.

He added, “I would like to refer to Patrick Zaki, a young student, who is still being unjustly detained in Egypt. We call on the Egyptian authorities. Release him ”.

The Italian minister called on the Egyptian government to ensure full respect for the rights and freedoms stipulated in its constitution. Addressing all cases of enforced disappearances.

Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights

On February 7, 2020, the Egyptian authorities arrested the researcher for the Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights. Patrick George Zaki upon his return from Italy to Cairo. In an escalation that human rights organizations described as dangerous against human rights activists and organizations.

The National Security Agency held George incommunicado for around 24 hours and tortured him, including with electric shocks.

The Italian researcher was placed in two unofficial detention centers of the National Security, in the cities of Cairo and Mansoura.

The Italian researcher questioned investigators extensively about his activity and the work of the Egyptian Initiative, according to a statement it issued. Human Rights Watch.

Trial in absentia for Regeni’s murderers

While the Egyptian prosecution announced at the end of 2020 the closure of the Regeni case and the failure to initiate a criminal case, Rome said it would prosecute those involved. In absentia, that trial will reveal “shocking” facts. According to previous statements made by the Italian Prime Minister.

About a month ago, Regeni’s case was referred to an Italian court, after the Rome Public Prosecution issued a regulation. An accusation against 4 Egyptian security officers. To stand trial on charges including kidnapping, torture and premeditated murder of Regeni.

Despite the previous joint work between Italian and Egyptian investigators during the past years, Italian judicial sources. She confirmed that Rome was frustrated by the slow pace of developments in the investigation in Egypt. So I decided to go on a path alone to try to move things forward.

It is worth noting that Rome is calling on the European Union to impose sanctions on Egyptian officials involved in the Regeni case. And review of his relations with Cairo.

It is noteworthy that the Italian Regeni (26 years) is a graduate student at Cambridge University, and he was conducting research in Cairo for a degree. Doctorate, then he disappeared for nine days, after which his body was found with signs of torture. In February 2016.

This came, after the discovery of Regeni’s body, relations between Cairo and Rome became severely strained, especially in light of accusations and means. Italian media of the Egyptian security services was involved in his torture and killing, which Cairo has repeatedly denied.

New witness

Earlier, the newspaper said:The Guardian“The British, someone allegedly saw the Italian researcher Giulio Regeni. Inside an Egyptian police station in the capital, Cairo. Before his disappearance in January 2016, this worsens Sisi’s position and his regime, which denies that it is behind this crime.

The newspaper pointed out that the witness, which Italian investigators consider to be reliable. He said that the Italian researcher Regeni. And his body was found bearing signs of torture nine days after his disappearance. He was detained by “formerly State Security” officials from the National Security Sector. Inside a police station in the Dokki neighborhood in central Cairo.

The witness added that these officials were acting with absolute force, as if they were “above the law.”

The witness added, according to the British Guardian, that Regeni spoke Italian, asking those present. It is for the security officers to contact a lawyer or the Rome consulate in Egypt.

However, Egyptian officials were aware in advance that he was fluent in speaking Arabic, and they asked him to speak to them in Arabic.

The witness in the “Regeni” case claimed that he was able to hear the dialogue between these officials. Which is likely to the Egyptian officers. They hacked Regeni’s mobile phone, with the aim of impeding the Italian authorities’ investigation.

The witness added that Regeni was taken, blindfolded, in a civilian car to the headquarters of the Egyptian Ministry of Interior and National Security. In the “Lazoghly” area

The British newspaper added that these statements are considered from the evidence gathered by the Italian prosecutors, in their endeavor. To confirm the allegations that four officials of the Egyptian National Security Agency were responsible for Regeni’s death and disappearance.

Regeni was tortured in Lazoghly’s residence

The Italian prosecutors also announced that, as a whole, they had collected testimonies from three unnamed witnesses, which they claim. Regeni was tortured in Lazoghly’s residence. The Egyptian authorities refuse to hold them responsible in the case of Regeni and his disappearance.

European condemnations

In the context, observers believe that the murder of Regeni, on the fifth anniversary of the January 25 revolution in Egypt, made the Sisi regime. In a very difficult situation. Especially since Egypt is on a date to welcome the tenth anniversary of the January 2011 revolution that toppled former President Hosni Mubarak.

On the other hand, the phrase “without connection to any Egyptian governmental bodies or institutions,” which the Egyptian-Italian joint statement mentioned to reach. To a first answer about the future of this case and its counterpart on smuggling antiquities. It is not possible to disengage between them, especially with regard to their timing and the presence of officials accused of both countries.

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