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The prominent journalist and broadcaster at Al Jazeera, Jamal Rayan, commented on the opening of the UAE, today, Wednesday, the headquarters of its embassy in Israel, in the presence of Israeli President Isaac Herzog in an official ceremony, weeks after the opening of the Tel Aviv embassy in Abu Dhabi.

And circulating clips showed the Emirati ambassador, Muhammad Mahmoud Al Khaja, raising the Emirati flag in front of the UAE embassy, ​​and he also appeared alongside the Israeli president.

Jamal Rayan comments on the opening of the Emirati embassy in Israel

For his part, Jamal Rayan published the clip of the opening of the UAE embassy in Tel Aviv, through his official account on Twitter, and commented as follows: “History will record this black day in the history of the Emirates and in the biography of its ruler, Mohammed bin Zayed.”

He continued, describing the UAE as an “Israeli colony” in the Gulf since 1971. According to him.

Al-Jazeera announcer asked: “Why does it need now to open an embassy for it with the Zionist entity occupying the land of Palestine?”

“The opening ceremony of the UAE embassy in Israel this morning is another historic moment on the peace train,” Israeli Foreign Ministry official Yonathan Gonen said in a tweet posted on his official Twitter account.

Emirati Embassy in Tel Aviv

The videos that were circulated for the opening of the Emirati embassy in Tel Aviv caused a sensation on social media platforms.

Watan monitored many angry comments about the Emirati behavior after the rulers of the Emirates normalized their relations with Israel.

Israel in Abu Dhabi

Earlier, Israeli Foreign Minister Yair Lapid had inaugurated his country’s embassy in the UAE, as well as a consulate in Dubai, and signed a bilateral agreement on economic cooperation, at a moment described by the Israeli Foreign Ministry as “historic.”

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Lapid said during the opening ceremony of the temporary headquarters of the Israeli embassy in Abu Dhabi: “Israel wants peace with its neighbors, with all its neighbors, we are not going anywhere. The Middle East is our home.”

He added, “We are staying here. We call on all countries in the region to recognize this.”

This was the first visit by an Israeli minister to the UAE since the two countries established ties last year.

Trade between Israel and Tel Aviv

At the time, Lapid confirmed that the volume of trade between Israel and the UAE in the ten months since the normalization of relations between them exceeded $675 million, expecting more agreements to be concluded.

While the UAE said that the agreements, which represent a challenge to the prevailing position for decades on the Palestinian issue as one of the main factors driving Arab politics, will ultimately benefit the Palestinians, according to it.

Normalization with Israel

Since the normalization of relations between the UAE and Israel, in September 2020, prompted by the administration of former US President Donald Trump, the two countries have established direct flights, exchanged ambassadors, and visited several trade delegations.

In addition to the UAE, Bahrain, Sudan and Morocco joined the list of Arab countries that normalized with Israel last year, under agreements brokered by former US President Donald Trump.

The Palestinians denounced the normalization agreements signed by several Arab countries with Israel and considered them a “treason,” as finding a solution to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict has so far been the condition for any normalization.

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