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Jana Amr Diab, the daughter of the famous Egyptian artist, surprised her followers with a bold confession, when she revealed that she suffers from ADHD, which has caused her to be expelled from school.

Jana Amr Diab forced to drop out of school!

Jana Amr Diab said in a letter that she sent to her former school in London, after she was forced to leave her due to her illness: (To dear Queen Gate School, my name is Jana Diab, my studies began in your school in the eighth grade, and unfortunately you forced me to leave in the twelfth grade when I was diagnosed With ADHD and psychiatric disorders such as panic anxiety disorder).

Jana Amr Diab indicated in her message that she suffers from severe difficulties in her studies due to her distracted focus and inability to deliver school assignments on time, and she was unable to read the questions correctly during exams and school assignments, which caused her embarrassment among her classmates.

(Lazy, stupid, and rebellious)

And Jana Amr Diab continued: (The teachers did not deal with me properly, and accused me that I would distract my colleagues’ attention if I tried to ask them about something, and they used to give me painful characteristics such as I am stupid, lazy, and rebellious).

She added: (Even during the classroom, I used to watch the students enjoying and taking notes, but I was not like them, and I always asked them to re-explain what was explained, and I did not mean at the time to distract the students or be lazy, but the reason was that I had this disease syndrome).

Jana Amr Diab believes that her school should have directed her to the right behavior instead of blaming her for not achieving high grades in subjects, stressing that they only help female students who are able to study and achieve high grades, like her sister Kenzi, in order to enroll in the universities they want, and they are not interested. With students who face similar problems in studying.

Jana Amr Diab recounted in her message how this matter affected her in her life and mental health, and she said: (I felt very bad because of my feeling that my teachers do not have enough patience to deal with me, and my transfer to that school affected my mental health greatly, and made me despise myself for being what I am. It now).

Jana Amr Diab message

Jana Diab boasted about what she achieved in the end after her expulsion from school, saying: (In the end I got a diploma in singing from Beam University, and now I am in the foundation year at Goldsmith University, studying English literature and achieving high marks, and I am trying to get a study of sociology in Major universities such as Nottingham and Bristol).

Jana confirmed that what she achieved was not easy due to the lack of support she received in that school, although her mother chose her because of her goals that focus on creating a happy and safe environment for students, and yet she made her feel desperate, as she put it.

Jana Diab believes that she is talented, smart, and works hard, and her heart is good and loves others, adding: (I am not helpless or lazy, and I was hoping that my school would support me instead of forcing me to leave school because, in their opinion, I was not able to achieve success degrees).

In the end, Jana sent a letter of support to the owners of this syndrome who suffer similarly, stating: (To everyone who suffers from ADHD, Difficulty Reading, anxiety, etc., please do not believe that you are unable only because your school or anyone else I tell you, you are, of course, capable. Don’t doubt yourself.)

Kenzi dance in bold clothes

And the daughters of Amr Diab from his Saudi wife, Zeina Ashour, always cause widespread controversy with their bold behavior, unlike their sister Nour from his first wife, the Egyptian artist Sherine Reda.

Last month, Kenzi published a video clip in which she appeared dancing with her friend, in the manner of the international star Shakira, where she wore bold clothes and revealed a large part of her stomach, which exposed her to criticism from her father’s fans.

This was not the first time that Kenzi caused controversy with her clothes, as the public criticized her several times before for the audacity with which she appears in her looks.

And recently, Kenzi Amr Diab lit the communication sites after asking her followers to find places and schools for teaching belly dancing.

Kenzi wrote, through her Instagram story,: “Anyone knows a school for teaching belly dance in Egypt. Can I talk to them and know more about their experience.”

As for Jana, she appeared in pictures that she posted on (Instagram), embracing a young man in an intimate way and sitting with him on a sofa.

The pictures criticized by a large number of followers who asked the question whether her father knows what she is doing, while others saw that Amr Diab’s preoccupation with his relationships and his artistic works is the reason for the persistence of his two daughters.

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