Japanese stocks fall… and bond yields are at their highest level in 4 months


Japanese stocks fell during trading Wednesday, with the modest approval ratings of Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida, which affected investor sentiment.

According to Reuters, a local daily newspaper showed Kishida’s approval rating at 45%, far lower than the rate recorded by the administration of his predecessor Yoshihide Suga when she came to power last year.

The Nikkei index closed the session down 1.1% at 27,528 points, its lowest level since August 20, and Topix fell 0.3% to 1942 points.

The US dollar rose against the Japanese currency by 0.3% to 111.76 yen.

The 10-year Japanese bond yield jumped 2 basis points at 0.08%, the highest level in four months.


The article was written in Al-Borsa newspaper, the Japanese stocks fell… and the bond yields are at their highest levels in 4 months.