Japanese stocks fall with Wall Street losses


Japanese stocks fell at the end of trading Tuesday for the first time in four sessions, after Wall Street ended Monday’s trading lower, and technology stocks fell.

Heavyweight technology shares pushed the “Nikkei” index down, as “SoftBank” fell 2.4%, and “Fanuc” 1.7%, while the share of the company prepared for medical devices “Terumo” fell by 1.4%.

At the same time, auto stocks increased in light of the weak yen, as it traded at its lowest level in three years. Toyota shares rose by 0.8%, and Honda by 0.2%.

At the end of the session, the “Nikkei” index fell by 0.9% to 28,231 points, and the broader “TOPIX” index fell by 0.7% to 1983 points.

The dollar was marginally lower against the Japanese currency by 0.1% at 113.20 yen.

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The article Japanese stocks fall with Wall Street losses was written in Al Borsa newspaper.