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The 19-year-old Tunisian player, Mohamed Jendoubi, won the first medals for the Arabs in the 2021 Tokyo Olympics, and the player was satisfied with the silver medal in the taekwondo competition in the 57-kg category.

Jendoubi and the silver medal

Tunisian Jendoubi managed to win the silver medal in the exciting final against his Italian counterpart, Vito Della Quella, who won the gold medal and is ranked second in the world in Taekwondo, with a score of 8-10.

Before the Italian equalized in the second round with a score of 10-10, before he settled the match in his favor with a score of 16-12.

Jendoubi and qualifying for the final

The first Tunisian and Arab player, Mohamed Jendoubi, managed to reach the finals of the competition, after winning the semi-finals against the South Korean world champion Jang Jun, 25-18.

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He began his career in the tournament by defeating the Ethiopian player Solomon Demsey, 32-9, as well as winning the 2018 European champion and 2017 world runner-up, Russian Mikhail, 25-18.

Jendoubi and Bronze Medal

The Tunisian player Jendoubi had previously won the bronze medal in taekwondo at the 2018 Summer Youth Olympics for the weight of 48 kg in Argentina, and the gold of the African Games in 2019 in the Moroccan capital Rabat with a weight of 54 kg.

taekwondo sport

This sport appeared in Korea and was known for more than 2,000 years. It was created and developed by the Prime Time Zone as a means of self-defense due to the large number of civil wars and the difficulty of life among ferocious animals.

This forced the Korean man to think of a way to defend himself against the invaders and against the animals, from which they began to learn the methods of defense and rapid onslaught.

And it was able to become an official Olympic sport in the 2000 Olympic Games that took place in the Australian city of Sydney, after it was an exhibition sport in the previous Olympics, which were hosted by the Korean city of Seoul, Barcelona, ​​​​Spain, and Atlanta, America.

It is worth noting, that the Olympic Games in the Japanese capital, Tokyo 2021, opened after being postponed from the summer of last year due to the Corona virus epidemic, which will continue until the eighth of next August.

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