“Jennifer Lopez, the Ghalaba” .. Afaf Rashad makes a big fuss with her photo at the age of 64! | A nation is tweeting out of tune


The Egyptian actress Afaf Rashad topped the search engines during the past hours, after the spread of an image of her in a new way that looks different from what Prime Time Zone knew.

The beginning was when Afaf Rashad posted a picture of her through her Facebook account, during which she appeared with yellow hair and light makeup, and she looked younger than her real age.

Afaf Rashad

Jennifer Lopez the overriding!

The picture of Afaf Rashad caused a sensation among followers, who expressed their shock with his appearance, and said that it resembles the international star Jennifer Lopez.

Some of them also questioned the truth of the image. Pointing out that she may have used the “Photoshop” program, or some photo-editing program and “Snapchat” filters.

Afaf Rashad shocked!

For her part, Afaf Rashad commented on her “Trend” leadership through social media, and said in statements to local media that she did not expect this.

Afaf Rashad confirmed that she used to not wear make-up while acting in dramatic roles. Because most of them are roles that do not require this. Therefore, her skin is always clear and does not need makeup.

Afaf Rashad indicated that she put on simple makeup and took the photo that caused controversy, and put it on her Facebook account, then she was surprised by this uproar.

This is my true age and beauty secret!

Afaf revealed her real age, and said: “I was born in 1957, meaning that I am 64 years old, and I do not like plastic surgery because every age has its beauty.”

The Egyptian artist explained the secret of her beauty at this age, saying: “All there is to it is that I care about my skin and put simple and natural things on it such as lemon, yogurt and glycerin.

Afaf pointed out that there were many good comments on her voice, but there were also comments about some kind of bullying, stressing that she did not get angry at her and forgave the owners.

On her departure from art, Afaf Rashad said: “I stayed away from art for seven years to devote myself to raising my son. And on his room there was a sign (Doctor Omar Al-Subky, Cardiac Surgeon). He has already become a doctor, but in neurosurgery. ”

And she continued, “Work can be compensated, but my son and his upbringing are not compensated.”

It is noteworthy that Afaf Rashad’s last dramatic participation in the series “The Choice” in its first season was last year.

She played Khaled’s mother, who played the role of artist Islam Gamal, who embodied the character of one of Ahmed Mansi’s neighbors.

Who is Afaf Rashad?

Afaf Rashad graduated from the “Higher Institute of Concierge Fatwar” and participated in many television and theatrical works.

She was married for a while to actor Sami Al-Adl and then to Muhammad Al-Sobky, but they separated after she gave birth to their son, and she participated in 3 artworks produced by him, including her role in the movie “Haha and Apple”.

In 2016, Afaf announced the removal of the veil, and she justified at the time that the veil caused her migraines and excessive electricity, and she took it off by order of the doctor.

She said at the time: “The veil is the veil of the heart, not poetry.”

Among the most prominent works Rashad presented in the cinema were “The Virgin and the White Hair”, “Women Behind Bars”, and “Al-Qarmouti in the Land of Fire.”

In the drama, she participated in “Men of the World Unite”, “Halawani’s Gate”, “We Do Not Sow Thorns”, “The Champs-Elysees Tales”, “Half of Rabi` Al-Akhir”, “Adam and Jameela”.

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