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The statement of one of the largest American ice cream companies, Ben & Jerry’s, to stop selling all its products in the settlements inside the occupied Palestinian territory, was explained by its contradiction with the company’s values ​​and morals, as a clear political condemnation of the occupation and its settlement policies, which caused hysteria and a political shake in the occupying state with all Its components, and official Israel described it as “anti-Israel” and “anti-Semitic” and as a new type of terrorism, and that it is anti-Israel ice cream, according to the description of its Prime Minister Naftali Bennett.

American Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream Company

Its foreign minister, Yair Lapid, tweeted that “Ben & Jerry’s decision is a shameful capitulation to anti-Semitism; the boycott, exclusion and sanctions movement; Everything about anti-Israel rhetoric and anti-Semitism is bad.” The new President of Israel, Isaac Herzog, entered the line, describing the company’s decision as “a new form of terrorism.”

Reactions to the decision of the American company Ben & Jerry’s continued, to the extent that an Israeli newspaper described the event as “returning the presence of the Palestinian cause to the world much more than Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas.”

The confusion and madness of the Israeli government about the decision came because it is fully aware that such decisions mean the international private sector’s retreat from supporting the existence of Israel, which depends entirely on the economy for its survival.

If this indicates anything, it indicates the importance and value of this decision to the Palestinians and the extent of its danger to the occupation, especially after the US administration refused to intervene in changing the decision, and this also shows the extent of the change even in the attitudes of American Jews towards Israel and its settlements.

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It is also of special importance, indicating that America today is not the America of yesterday, which was more Zionist than the Zionists, and that the Zionist lobby’s control over the American media is no longer what it used to be.

And the decision of the American company is an important political separation point, which must be built upon to arrange a different scene from what was the media-political control of the occupying state inside America. Therefore, the decisions of the American company, which made a right decision, albeit belated, must be supported, and all international companies in various countries of the world should be supported because They follow suit and abide by the trade decisions of their countries as well as international resolutions, because the decision to stop the export of their products is in line with international resolutions ruling the illegality of settlements that depend on their economic presence by more than 70 percent, especially since there is an international consensus that refuses to recognize the settlements, and considers that the areas outside Pre-1967 borders such as settlements cannot be considered part of Israel.

What is required of the Palestinian Authority?

What is now required from the Palestinian Authority is more diplomatic effort and providing the embassies with competencies capable of explaining the Palestinian position to the world and urging them to boycott Israel because the boycott weapon is one of the most powerful weapons, harmful to the occupation and not costly to the Palestinians.

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