Joe Biden falls on the ladder of Air Force One three times in a row .. An embarrassing situation raises speculation about his health! | A nation is tweeting out of tune


US President Joe Biden was exposed to an embarrassing situation while climbing the presidential plane on its way to Georgia, where he stumbled and fell on the stairs more than once, which sparked speculation about his health.

A video clip shows US President Joe Biden falling on the ladder of the bird 3 times, then correcting the situation, getting up smoothly, and then continuing on his way to the door of the plane, where he gave a greeting from the top of the ladder of Air Force One.

Putin is “mocking” Biden

On Thursday, Russian President Vladimir Putin said Prime Time Zone tend to see others the way they see themselves, after US President Joe Biden said he believed Putin was a killer.

Putin said sarcastically that he wishes the US president health. Commenting on Biden’s talk about him yesterday, he explained, “People tend to see others as they see themselves.”

Referring to Biden’s talk about him, Putin said, “The United States thinks we are like it, but we have a different genetic code.”

“The American leadership is determined to shape its relations with Russia according to its terms, and we will work with them on our terms,” ​​he added.

“We will continue to work with the United States, but in a way that benefits us, and it has to take account of Russia,” Putin said in a televised interview.

On the other hand, Interfax news agency quoted the Russian Foreign Ministry as saying, “We expect an explanation from Washington regarding Biden’s comments about Putin.”

Biden’s remarks are ‘very bad’

On Thursday, the Kremlin declared, in its first response to Biden’s statements, in which he described Putin as a “murderer,” that the US President’s statements were “very bad”.

The US president had attacked President Putin, and said in a television interview that Putin “fought, will pay, and face consequences” for what Washington says is Russian interference to influence the recent US presidential election.

Russian presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov said that the US president’s comments were “very bad. It is clear that he does not want to improve relations with our country.

“From this principle, we will start from now on,” he added.

Imposing sanctions on Russia

And two weeks ago, the United States announced the imposition of sanctions on Russia, due to the imprisonment of Russian dissident Alesky Navalny.

This also coincided with similar European sanctions that included Russian officials in connection with the case of the Russian opposition.

The decision to recall the Russian ambassador to Washington was an expression of the complexity of the crisis between the two countries.

This decision in and of itself suggests danger to the level of US-Russian relations. While despite it, as it is apparent to everyone around the world, that relations between the two countries are going through deteriorating stages.

However, “there are realistically continuous relations and continuous coordination between Washington and Moscow in many files; The most important of these are the Syrian file, as well as the Libyan file, as well as the Arctic file, and other files.

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