Joelle Badr corrected her sexually with a legal fatwa and prevented her from entering the mosque for this reason A nation is tweeting out of tune


Lebanese actress Joel Badr revealed that it is controversial because it is “sexually corrected”, and said that she was created “hermaphrodite”, meaning bisexuality.

Dual gender identity

Joelle Badr said while hosting the “Show the Story” program, presented by the Lebanese media Rabaa Al-Zayyat, that she discovered the bisexuality of her sex since childhood, and had long suffered from anxiety and fought the world alone, as she said.

“I lived until the age of 17 under the name Abd al-Wahhab Badr al-Din, as my family was forced to name me after a boy, despite my feeling that I am a girl,” added Badr.

And Joel continued: “I stayed until this age on my current status as a“ hermaphrodite ”by order of medicine, until my development was complete before my conversion to a female or male, and medicine. Sharia and religion decided that I should be a female, not me. ”

She became a female with a legal fatwa

Joelle Badr indicated that she had performed three operations until she was sexually corrected, adding: “The main operation was very difficult and it took place in Lebanon. And I got a fatwa from religious authorities and sheikhs, and I went back to religion and not to society, and religion told me that you must be female and permissible.

And about not choosing to remain a man under the name Abdel-Wahhab, Joel Badr confirmed that she is not a transgender, but a transgender.

And about hurting her feelings under this name, she said: “There is no longer a place in my body where they hurt me, and I am against transgender, it is the burial ground of life.

It is forbidden to enter the mosque

Joelle Badr indicated that before her operation, she was forbidden to enter the mosque, and peace be upon men, because she had no clear identity. Even if it is under the name Abdel Wahab.

On the appearance of her beard at one point, Joel said: “It was normal that my sexual identity was not clear, and beside the beard I had the remains of a womb as well.”

In the same episode, Joel Badr’s fiancé, Hussein Najdi, spoke about the story of their love and what he was exposed to just announcing his association with her.

Bullying and sarcasm

Hussein said: “When I announced my association with Joel, I was subjected to severe bullying and a large number of harmful comments, and dealt. I have social media pioneers. As if I was a disgrace and committed a great sin ”.

Hussein asserted that Joel is sexually corrected and not transgender, and that if she were, he would not have been associated with her.

About their acquaintance, Hussein said: “I used to work as a photographer and Joel had a photo session in the wedding dress and they called me about her, and the first thing that attracted me was. She received her lightness, and a friendship began between us that developed into love, and then we decided to have a relationship.

Joel’s fiancé is crying because of her

Hussein continued crying, “The way Joelle loved me was distinctive, and I had never experienced it in any of my previous relationships, and it deserves to be. Everything in my life”.

Hussein pointed out that Joel is constantly exposed to injustice, even though she did not harm anyone in her life, adding: “They are away from her.”

Regarding his family’s reaction, Hussein said, “My family gives freedom in relationships for me and all my brothers.”

Do you give birth to Joel in the future?

Hussein indicated that he had seen many doctors to ask them about the possibility of giving birth to Joel, as she has the remains of a womb, and who. They told him that the possibility is good, but it is small.

At this moment, Joel confirmed her love for her fiancé, stating that he was the reason for her patience with the harm she was exposed to, and that he was able to change a lot.

At the end of the interview, Joelle Badr revealed that her official papers as a female are due to be issued in about a month.

In bold

Last September, Joel Badr announced her affiliation with her lover Hussein Najdi, where she posted a video clip. Her private account in “Instagram” documents the moment he applied for her hand and presented her wedding ring with the sound of a song. “In Bold Font” by Emirati artist Hussain Al Jasmi.

The audience at the time interacted with the news extensively because Joel made corrections and was male.

A court ruling to remove a “mutant”

In September 2019, Joelle Badr obtained a court order from the judge of urgent matters in Beirut to order the request. From all media and social networking sites, to remove and delete all news circulating about artist Joel Badr. With regard to the circulation of the word “trans”.

The decision at the time came at the request of the lawyer, Samar Abdel-Wahab Kassir, who proved that her client, Joel Badr, was not. Transgender, but corrected.

Joel Badr entered the world of art with a number of songs, but she was subjected to a lot of attack, as she was a friend of the famous transgender woman Suzy, who died recently.

Joel tried to commit suicide

Joelle Badr announced her participation in the series “The Wedding of the Warm”, when she published a picture that she collected with the writer. Marwan Kawouk and the Syrian artist. Ali Karim is known as Abu Al Nar in the “Bab Al Hara” series.

Joel Badr previously wore the veil for 3 months, then came back and took it off, as she revealed earlier about her association with a young man. Which destroyed her psychologically and led her to think of suicide, according to what she said in one of the press interviews.

Transformers Arab stars

And previous artistic sites re-circulated the stories of a number of Arab stars who underwent sexual transformation, to transform them overnight. From male to female and they became famous artists.

On top of these is the famous Kuwaiti actress Bashayer, who admitted in 2009 that she is a transgender male. To a female sure that she is not ashamed of it.

And Bashayer previously said in a justified press statement: “What I did was not defective or contrary to the Sharia, this is something inside me. This is my truth, as medical examinations and official papers have proven that I am one of the well-known medical conditions that require. Male to female sexual transfer, and 95% of my organs indicate that I am female, so psychologically, I am female.

Among these celebrities, too, is the one who underwent a sexual transformation to become female, and they are originally male Egyptian actress Hanan Al-Tawil. Which is best known for the characters of “Korea” and “Miss Inshirah” in Egyptian cinema.

And also the Moroccan dancer Nour, who underwent a male-to-female conversion in Switzerland, but failed to change her name from. “Nour al-Din” to “Noor.” After a Moroccan court refused this, and also Haifa Magic, the most famous transgender in Lebanon, many plastic surgeries.

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