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The Lebanese media and beauty expert, Joel Mardinian, surprised her audience with her mother’s image, which raised eyebrows with her appearance.

Gorgeous mom Sophia

Joelle Mardinian published two photos that she collected with her mother through her official account on the Instagram application, commenting: (My wonderful mother, Sophia).

Joel appeared in the picture wearing a short jumpsuit, while her mother wore a long tiger dress.

Followers expressed their shock in the form of Joel’s mother, stressing that she looks like her sister, and praised her for maintaining her beauty, grace and elegance, just like her daughter.

special episode

In another context, Joel Mardinian revealed that she recorded her participation in the special episode of the program (Who Will Win the Million) last week, in the presence of a large number of artists and media professionals of the mbc channel group, to celebrate its 30th anniversary.

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Joel, who presents on MBC, a program on fashion and beauty, participated in the scenes of the ceremony with a series of photos and videos, and she was wearing a red dress with a wide chest opening and a side slit in the legs.

Yousra and Joel

Joel published pictures with the Egyptian artist, Yousra, commenting: (I did not believe her beauty, charm, intelligence and elegance when I saw Yosra face to face, an icon and a star. It was also wonderful to see all the mbc1 stars and colleagues whom I have not seen for many years).

She continued, “It was a very fast journey but it was an amazing reunion, we hope it will continue to grow to provide us with the best TV and drama programs as well as online and digital.”

Joel also spontaneously posted a video with a group of media professionals such as Nishan and Nashwa Al-Ruwaini, commenting: (This gathering was incredible. It felt like a high school meeting, we were all so happy to see each other and some Prime Time Zone I haven’t seen in many years).

Earlier, Joel Mardinian revealed a very embarrassing situation in which she was forced to relieve herself in the street and urinate on herself, while the announcer Nishan was accompanied by her and her family.

In response to a follower’s question during a live broadcast on her page on “Instagram” about the most embarrassing situation she was subjected to, “Mardinian” said, and she entered into a fit of laughter while telling an embarrassing situation she had been exposed to before when she met the media, Wael Mansour, and went out with him, her mother and manager. Her business and his wife.

They all went to one of the cafes where Joel drank 4 large cups of iced cocoa, which made her desperate to enter the toilet, but she decided to hold on until she returned home because she was ashamed to enter in front of Prime Time Zone.

The Lebanese media continues to narrate that the group that accompanied her decided to go to one of the Lebanese regions to eat “orchid” in a place crowded with Prime Time Zone and the weather is cold, and her mother started telling jokes while begging her to stop because she would lose her nerve and urinate on herself, but her mother did not believe until after he It happened and Joel then felt embarrassed and wanted to cry but couldn’t stop laughing.

Joel added that she was sterilized and had to wrap plastic bags so she could get into the car and go home.

She indicated that this situation has been painful and embarrassing for her for a long time, but she has accepted it now and does not feel a problem to tell it. ?

About Joel

It is noteworthy that Joel Mardinian was born on November 27, 1977, and began her life as a model at the age of 18, and then was chosen to be Miss Italy due to her culture and elegance.

Joel joined the Great Paint Institute in London to study cosmetology, and then worked in the most important beauty salons there.

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Joel was not satisfied with makeup, but got acquainted with the most important and famous roles and fashion designers in Europe to enter this field as well and donate it, and she actually started her career in London as a beauty and decorating expert, and then she was chosen by the “MBC” channel to present a program specialized in sports.

Soon after that, Joel was chosen by MBC to present a special program for beauty, which was called “Frankly Ahla” and then changed to “With Joel Ahla”.

Joelle was an ambassador for Max factor brand in the Middle East and the Gulf and then produced her own makeup brand under her personal name, Joelle.

Joel married twice, the first to the father of her son Bayley, and she married again in 2010 to the Lebanese businessman Kamal Kaddoura, the father of her daughter, Ela Sophia, and recently adopted a child named Nathan.

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