Jordan settles the controversy and reveals the fact that an order was issued to leave Raghad Saddam Hussein of the country | A nation is tweeting out of tune


Jordan officially denied the recent rumors that the Jordanian authorities issued a decision to leave Raghad Saddam Hussein, the daughter of the late Iraqi president, where she has resided in Jordan since her departure from Iraq after the US invasion.

And after these rumors caused a great controversy in Jordan, the authorities were forced to formally respond and deny this rumor in form and substance.

In this context, the Jordanian local website (Ammon), today, Sunday, quoted an official body as saying that the talk of the request of Raghad Saddam Hussein to leave the Kingdom is “a slander and a lie.”

It is noteworthy that Raghad Saddam Hussein had responded to these rumors in late April, via her Twitter account.

Raghad said in a tweet that Watan monitored on April 29 specifically: (It seems that the weak souls who have been afflicted with humanity have forgotten that I am Raghad Saddam Hussein. The diseased and their shaky personalities).

The daughter of the Iraqi president added, “We are the children of President Saddam Hussein and his upbringing, and we do not enter between leather and clothing, and we are in Jordan hosted by His Majesty King Abdullah II of the Hashemite family chain, and Jordan’s security and stability is important to me, and Jordan is my country after Iraq.”

In her tweet, Raghad stressed that she will not leave Jordan until she returns to Iraq with pride and dignity and in a manner befitting (with my stature and that of Iraq). According to her saying.

Another tweet by Raghd, on March 13th, about the Jordanian issue, carried condolences for the accident at Salt Hospital, when seven patients with Coronavirus died in the government hospital, as a result of lack of oxygen to them, which sparked widespread public anger.

Raghad Saddam Hussein on (Al-Arabiya) channel

Raghad was, after a long ghayban, held an interview with the Saudi Arabia channel, last February.

This meeting, which came in a series of dialogues, sparked many reactions, especially after her talk about the possibility of practicing political work.

In the interview, Raghad spoke about many of the stops that Iraq has gone through, as well as the stations that the family has gone through.

The daughter of the late Iraqi president also attacked the interference of Iran, describing it as “blatant,” noting that “the Iranians have violated Iraq after the absence of real power.”

At the time, a member of the Foreign Relations Committee of the Iraqi Parliament, Mukhtar Al-Mousawi, commented: That (the tragedy that Iraq is going through is all because of Raghad’s father, Saddam Hussein, had it not been for his practices, the corrupt would not have come to power after him).

In statements to media outlets, Al-Mousawi indicated that (their emergence is not strategic, but rather a time for Arab parties to disrupt the next parliamentary elections stage, especially their criticism of Iran, as if we want to go to war with neighboring countries).

The television interview also raised an Iraqi parliamentary committee, as the country’s Foreign Ministry demanded that the ambassadors of Saudi Arabia and Jordan be summoned and delivered to them two protest notes against the backdrop of a television interview with Raghad Saddam Hussein.

At the time, the head of the committee (martyrs, victims and political prisoners) in the Iraqi parliament, Abdul-Ilah Al-Naeli, directed an official letter to the Iraqi Ministry of Foreign Affairs to summon the ambassadors of the kingdoms of Jordan and Saudi Arabia.

And that is against the backdrop of the Saudi (Al-Arabiya) channel hosting the daughter of the late Iraqi president Saddam Hussein, on a television program, and being the residence of Raghad, the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.

However, the Iraqi government has not issued any response to the parliamentary committee’s request, while the Saudi Al-Arabiya channel continues to broadcast a series of dialogue sessions with Raghad Saddam Hussein.

Shortly after the interview, the (Ammon) website reported what it said was a source close to Raghad Saddam Hussein, who assured him of her lack of intention or announcing her candidacy for the Iraqi prime ministerial elections.

The source added that the news is purely a rumor and a lie. The daughter of former President Saddam Hussein did not say this at all and strongly denies it, according to what the agency published.

He explained: (It is not clear that Raghad has real cards inside Iraq that qualify her to play any political role.)

The American invasion of Iraq

It is worth noting that the US invasion of Iraq began on March 20, 2003, by the US-led coalition forces.

The invasion toppled Saddam Hussein’s government. However, the conflict continued for much of the next decade as an insurgency and opposition to the occupation forces and the post-invasion Iraqi government emerged. According to Wikipedia

An estimated 151,000 to 600,000 Iraqis or more were killed in the first 3-4 years of the conflict.

The United States officially announced its withdrawal from the country in 2011.

But she returned and participated in 2014 at the head of a new coalition, and the rebellion and civil armed conflict continued.

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