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Jordanian lawyers are looking to prove the UAE’s involvement in the death of Tayseer Al-Najjar | A nation is tweeting out of tune


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A team of Jordanian and Arab lawyers is preparing to file a lawsuit against the UAE regarding the torture that Jordanian journalist Tayseer Al-Najjar suffered and led to his death on Friday, months after his release.

Legal moves

Account “Emirati Secrets“, Details of the legal moves that lawyers are taking to prove the UAE’s involvement in the death of journalist Al-Najjar after suffering from illness after being tortured in Emirati prisons.

The Emirati account said: “A team of lawyers in Jordan and some Arab countries is trying to prove the UAE’s involvement in the death of the Jordanian journalist Tayseer Al-Najjar. Due to his suffering from diseases he contracted as a result of the torture he suffered during his three-year detention in Emirati prisons. Will they succeed in that?

It is worth noting that the Jordanian journalist, Tayseer Al-Najjar, announced his death on Friday, after a health problem.

The journalist was arrested in UAE prisons between 2016 and 2019 while he was residing there, and as a result, he suffered from a health condition that subsequently deteriorated due to this. The torture he endured.

The Jordanian journalist was imprisoned in UAE prisons because of a publication he had published about Abu Dhabi’s role in the Israeli war on Gaza in 2014.

And condemned UAE court Al-Najjar under the Law “Combating Information Technology Crimes”, in March 2017.

Al-Najjar was sentenced to 3 years imprisonment and a fine of half a million dirhams (about 136,000 US dollars), for allegedly “insulting the symbols of the state.”

Later, an exemption from paying the fine was issued after the 3-year sentence expired, and he was released in February 2019.

The suffering of Tayseer Al-Najjar with pain

Al-Najjar was suffering from body aches and pains, and his health conditions worsened during and after the detention period.

And the last post of the late was talking about his pain, as he wrote on Facebook, “Oh, nice … the kindest in my condition is very sick … It is a pity to have in my heart. All this pain is my love. Oh God, healing and wellness. Trustworthy”.

A message in freedom .. pain now

After his release, Tayseer Al-Najjar wrote a newspaper article about his suffering in Emirati prisons, titled “A message in freedom .. pain now“.

Al-Najjar said: “The first thing I would like to tell you, Taysir al-Najjar, is that a month and a half after I left the prison, which is called a prison, the prison is still accompanying me.

He added: “I don’t know what exactly I should do, or what I should do, until I feel that I’m out of the security prison in Medina. Abu Dhabi, which carries the visible secret and the deep meanings of the words that have become the destiny of every Arab person.

He continued: “The most prominent of these words: oppression, tyranny, tyranny, injustice, but the oppressor has no consolation except his fear of freedom.”

Magic words

He continued: “Freedom, this magic word that we always dreamed of hearing its ringing, has become a mute word. I sit every day and write this word “freedom.” I wait for what could happen to me ”.

He also continued: “No resonance, no voices within me, there is no reaction. Just like every time I get silence, this silence that we used to live together inside the ward, the security ward, ward 9 in Al Wathba prison in Abu Dhabi.

Burning spells of crying Tayseer Najjar

Addressing himself, he added, “My friend Tayseer: The first thing I did was when the burning fits of crying, the convulsion, and the attacks followed, and now she is living a continuous fit of silence.”

He continued: “My question to myself is: What should I do, in order to get out of those painful years that accompany my senses and flow in my body. Yes, I seek the help of my faith in God and my love for the Messenger, may God bless him and grant him peace.

He added, “Then I use some skills related to my belief in friendship, and my love for my family, which I see as a fifth element, in addition to the elements of nature: water, air, dust and fire.”

Al-Najjar said, “The greatest thing I believe in and love is writing. You became really asked to leave it. Freedom, too, was asked to leave it. And the dreams that I built in prison. And I waited for me to go out until I saw it a reality, every day I sit with her, I look at her silently and deeply, and I wish those dreams that they flow like a river in my life. ”

Honor and integrity

He continued: “I have always dreamed of living with honor and integrity, far from the hell and pain of cells the world is narrowing down for honest Prime Time Zone. He narrows down on the expression of freedom. Has what I see really become the world … Where is my mother then? ”

He continued: “You are no longer in this world. Despite all the pleas I made to attend her funeral, I failed. I feel that every day is a funeral for her.

And he said: “I pray to her and be supplied with the Quran, with light, so that I can absorb her departure, which extends throughout all this time that I see before me.”

He added: “But I do not comprehend, and I still suffer from a disorder in my consciousness, and I no longer understand the time of the new barbarians who lie until the demons adorned them with their bad deeds, and the bad arrogance in their hearts.”

Arab Enlightenment Movements

Al-Najjar added, “I am no longer active. I mean, my brain is no longer active. Hey Tayseer, my brain has become like the Arab enlightenment movements that were defeated.

He also continued: “My mind is defeated, despite its courage in trying to understand the departure of my brother Raed, who faded like the star in the flower of his youth. All of this happens with the decree of God and his will, and also because of my imprisonment. When I saw his son on my way out of prison, silence poured into my body, a secret fear that I drunk in prison. This fear of everything that only writing frees me of.

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