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Echoes of the murder of a delivery worker in Kuwait a few days ago continue to affect the Kuwaiti street, and social networking sites in the Arab Gulf states, amid calls for retribution and taking the victim’s right.

Indian delivery man

Kuwaiti media published new details about the heinous murder of an Indian resident, and said that the security services discovered the killing of a delivery worker named Jose Pasha Sheikh, 41, inside the house of a citizen in the Abu Fatira area in the south of the country.

According to these means, it was found that the son of the owner of the house was involved in this crime.

A security source told Al-Qabas newspaper that the victim worked in a mobile phone company, and that he went to the perpetrator’s residence to deliver an electric scooter worth 150 dinars.

The source added: “The perpetrator refused to pay the value of the device and asked him to leave, and after a verbal argument broke out between them, the worker refused to leave before obtaining the value of the device, so the accused surprised him by hitting him on the head with an iron tool that dropped him to the ground, unconscious, amid a pool of blood.”

Killed for 150 dinars

The security source indicated that Jose Pasha breathed his last immediately due to his severe injury.

In this context, the pioneers of social networking sites in Kuwait tweeted, using the hashtag #Justice_Ljusi_Pasha, calling on the concerned authorities to punish the perpetrator to confront the murders spread in the country.

At a later time, the criminal investigation men were able to arrest the accused, as the accused showed great resistance, trying to escape from the detectives, but he was controlled, and transferred to the investigation office to reveal the causes and circumstances of the case.

According to the source, it was found that the culprit was one of the precedents in drug cases and assaulting delivery workers.

During his interrogation, he confessed that he tried to deceive the victim and seize the electric scooter for free.

The accused claimed that the victim’s insistence on taking the full value of the scooter made him severely beat him to force him to leave, and that the delivery worker died of a blow to the head, so he left it inside the house and fled.

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The source added that the accused was released from prison about a month ago, and was registered against 3 different cases, and used to implement the method of forcibly taking goods, with more than one representative and more than one company, adding that the accused would be referred to the Public Prosecution.

In the past weeks, Kuwait has witnessed several crimes that shook the Kuwaiti street, the most recent of which was the Mahboula crime, in which Abdulaziz Al-Rashidi, a member of the General Traffic Department, was killed, and who was killed by a Syrian resident who also killed his mother, Houria Al-Anzi.

The sequence of the Mahboula crime was as follows: The criminal killed his mother, Houria Al-Anzi, in their home in the Al-Qusour area, where he stabbed her with the shoulder and under the shoulder, and she died while being treated.

Then the killer ran away until he reached the Mahboula area, supported the traffic police patrol with his car and ran over the policeman Abdul Aziz Muhammad Al-Rashidi, then took out a knife and stabbed him 7, stole his weapon and fled.

The martyred policeman was at a fixed point alone during the incident, then his colleague on another patrol came to replace him, but he was surprised by the scene of the assault on his colleague, and he did not have time to use the weapon, and the passers-by did nothing.

The substitute policeman took the number of the Syrian killer’s car, and the patrol’s camera clearly depicted his face, and the operations were notified and the security men came to the scene of the accident.

After circulating the specifications of the killer and the specifications of his car, a policeman at the Wafra police station saw him walking and reported him and asked for support, who began negotiating with him to surrender, but the killer shot them with the weapon he had, hitting the windshield of a brigade’s car after he got out of his car and fled to one of the farms in the Wafra area .

The killer was responded to by the Special Forces and wounded with 3 bullets, and the weapon was seized, and while he was being transported in the ambulance to the hospital for treatment, he cursed the security men and issued threats to them, and after arriving at the hospital, he died of his wounds. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Kuwait was also rocked by the murder of young citizen Farah Hamza Akbar, and widespread women’s protests erupted calling for the enactment of deterrent laws to prevent the recurrence of crimes.

The criminal court sentenced the citizen accused of kidnapping and killing Farah Akbar to death by hanging, and the verdict came after it was proven to the court that the offender’s intention was to intentionally take Farah Akbar’s life after tracking him and monitoring her through a tracking device that he placed in her vehicle.

After four court sessions over the past two months in which the accused was tried on seven counts of kidnapping, murder and commission of a traffic accident, the perpetrator was sentenced to death by hanging.

Where the Public Prosecution charged him with intercepting Farah Akbar’s car and her sister’s car in the Sabah Al-Salem suburb, then kidnapping her, her daughter and her sister’s niece with her car and stabbing her on the road, a stab that led to her death.

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