Judo player Fathi Noreen and the harsh punishment against him after refusing to confront his Israeli counterpart | A homeland tweeting outside the flock


The International Judo Federation issued a ban on Algerian judoka Fathi Norine, 30, and his coach, and banned him from participating in any international competitions for 10 years after refusing to face his Israeli competitor in the Tokyo Olympics in judo competition.

Judoka Fathi Norine and the details of the penalty

And last Tuesday, the Algerian News Agency revealed that Algerian Jude player Fathi Norine and his coach were informed of the 10-year ban.

The International Judo Federation took this penalty, which was issued by the Disciplinary Committee of the International Judo Federation, as it takes effect from the beginning of the date of the 23rd of July 2021.

And she indicated that the Algerian Judo Federation, the Algerian Olympic Committee and the African Judo Confederation have been informed of this decision, as the text of the decision allows the Algerian player Fathi Noureen and his coach to appeal to the International Court of Sports (CAS) for a period not exceeding 21 days.

Fathi Noreen refused to confront an Israeli player

The Algerian judoka, Fathi Noreen, had refused to confront his Israeli competitor in the judo competition, as he announced his withdrawal in the “Tokyo 2021” Olympic Games after he was drawn in front of his Israeli judoka counterpart, with the support of his coach Ammar Benkhalaf on the decision to withdraw.

The Executive Committee of the International Judo Federation decided to open disciplinary measures against the Algerian judoka, Fathi Noureen, and his coach, Ammar Benkhlef, after their decision to withdraw from the Tokyo Olympics.

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The committee considered that the position of the Algerian Norine and his coach and the decision to withdraw from the tournament contradicts Article 50 of the Olympic Charter, which shows all forms or manifestations of political, religious and ethnic propaganda in all Olympic sites, while referring the issue to the Disciplinary Committee of the International Judo Federation.

The Algerian judo player Noreen received great interaction and respect through activists on social media, in addition to the public reception after returning to his country after his brave stance and refusal of normalization with the Israeli occupation and his victory and support for the Palestinian cause.

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