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An Italian newspaper revealed that Juventus has set the price of the 36-year-old Portuguese star “Cristiano Ronaldo” for sale, in order to open the door for his departure from the old lady’s team during the current summer transfer season.

Ronaldo and Juventus

And the Italian newspaper, La Gazzetta dello Sport, indicated that Juventus would not mind selling Ronaldo, even if the club received an offer worth 29 million euros, and this is less than a third of the amount paid by the club’s management to Real Madrid 3 years ago from now.

And the newspaper reported, that “Jorge Mendes”, the agent of Madeira Ronaldo’s missile, that he will hold a meeting with Juventus club officials, in order to resolve the future of his client during the current summer transfer period.

The Portuguese Ronaldo had stated earlier, that he is deciding his future permanently after the completion of the European Nations Cup “Euro”, and the Portuguese national team was eliminated from the competition against Belgium with a clean goal without a response.

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Thus, Don Ronaldo will decide his fate with the Italian club Juventus, and talks will be opened again through the player’s agent to resolve his matter.

And the newspaper pointed out, in a report, that Juventus has not met any official offer for Ronaldo so far, but it is expected that some clubs will start negotiations if the Madeira missile decides to leave permanently.

The financial crisis

Italian reports indicated that the Italian club, Juventus, is going through a financial crisis due to the outbreak of the Corona virus, as the percentage of the financial deficit of the old lady’s treasury is about 150 million euros.

Which opened speculation about the fate of Don Ronaldo for the team, as well as his failure for three seasons of leading the team towards the Champions League finals.

The new coach and his relationship with Ronaldo

And it intensified its intensity after the dismissal of former coach “Andrea Pirlo” and the return of coach “Allegri”, who caused Ronaldo to leave the Italian old lady’s coaching leadership after the relationship between the two sides deteriorated.

Portuguese star Ronaldo was crowned the Italian league’s top scorer with 29 goals, and this was the award for the best player in Italy for the past season.

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