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Khaled Al-Jalahma, the first ambassador of Bahrain to the occupying state of Israel, announced that he will arrive today, Tuesday, in Tel Aviv, to take over his duties as the first ambassador of the Gulf state to the usurping entity.

In a tweet to him on Twitter, Watan monitored it without Al-Jalahma, which read: “I am pleased to announce that I will arrive in Tel Aviv today, to begin my duties as the first ambassador of the Kingdom of Bahrain to the State of Israel.”

Khaled Al Jalahma

Al-Jalahma tweeted on his Twitter account, in three languages, Arabic, English and Hebrew, expressing his happiness at arriving in Israel to represent his country there as the Kingdom’s first ambassador to Tel Aviv.

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The Israeli Broadcasting Corporation indicated that Al-Jalahma will arrive on a Gulf Air flight that will land at Ben Gurion Airport.

It is noteworthy that Bahrain announced, at the end of last March, the appointment of Al-Jalahma as ambassador to Tel Aviv.

On May 29, Al Jalahma took the legal oath before Bahraini King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa.

It is noteworthy that Khalid Al Jalahma has been the Director of Operations Department at the Bahraini Ministry of Foreign Affairs since 2017.

He served as Deputy Ambassador of the Kingdom of Bahrain to the United States (2009-2013).

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With his arrival, Al-Jalahma will become the fourth Arab ambassador in Tel Aviv, after the ambassadors of Egypt, Jordan and the UAE.

In mid-January, Israel appointed Itai Tagner as Chargé d’Affairs for the Israeli Embassy in Manama.

In September 2020, Israel and Bahrain signed an agreement to normalize relations between the two countries, and the UAE signed a similar agreement in a joint ceremony under the auspices of former US President Donald Trump.

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