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Khaled Al-Zaatar provokes the Omanis by claiming to lose control of Corona in Oman | A nation is tweeting out of tune


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The Saudi writer, affiliated with the regime, Khaled Al-Zaatar, has returned to stir up controversy and provoke the Omanis with his insulting and demonizing tweets to the Sultanate.

In this context, Khaled Al-Zaatar tweeted about the situation of Corona in the Sultanate of Oman, and the statements of Health Minister Ahmed Al-Saeedi regarding developments. Describing the public scene as “unpromising.”

And he wrote in his malicious tweet what he read: “It seems that the Sultanate of Oman’s situation with the Corona virus is heading towards not controlling this virus.”

He continued: “I watched the statements of the Omani Minister of Health, with no optimism, when he described the epidemiological situation in the Sultanate as worrying.”

The tweet of Zaatar, which has always deliberately demonized the Sultanate, sparked the anger of the Omanis, who showered it with harsh responses.

They also denounced his ignorance of the epidemiological situation in Saudi Arabia and its focus on what is happening in Oman, confirming his intention to spread negatives about the Sultanate and highlighting it to a need in himself, according to their description.

At the forefront of the attackers was the prominent Omani account of Al-Shaheen, who embarrassed him by saying: “We are talking about the Corona virus, whose samples are collected for examination from the nose, Khaled. It is not the new Chinese examination that you are accustomed to and familiar with, as it is imposed on you on a weekly basis and at your expense.

And he continued in a sharp attack on Zaatar: “As for the worrying situation, yes, the safety of one Omani citizen cannot be compared to thousands of mercenaries .. We congratulate you on burning your ball .. There are no checks.”

While another activist responded and embarrassed him by publishing statistics on the epidemic disease in Saudi Arabia, and he said: “And you have how things ?! From 110 at the beginning of January to 353 cases, is it an increase or decrease? Who is the boy who answers ?!

A Saudi tweet also attacked him, stressing that he only represents himself and does not represent the Saudi Prime Time Zone in his attack on the Sultanate.

He said, “Corona has waves and all countries are suffering, but this only represents itself.”

As Ahmad al-Senani wrote: “It seems to you and those like you that are heading towards lack of control. As for us, it does not look like this, and praise be to God, things are good with us and under the control of a conscious Prime Time Zone and a wise leadership.

Minister of Health: The epidemiological situation is “extremely worrying”

Dr. Ahmed bin Muhammad Al-Saeedi, Minister of Health of the Sultanate of Oman, was a member of the Supreme Committee. He said in statements to him today, Thursday, that, with regret, “the epidemiological situation is regrettable and very worrying.”

Al-Saeedi explained that from mid-January until now, the numbers started to escalate and the number of inpatients began to take a dangerous turn.

Stressing that the intensive care units have returned to be under constant pressure and deaths are continuing.

Dangerous turn

The Omani Minister of Health also confirmed that the Sultanate had seized 200,000 doses of the “Johnson & Johnson” vaccine. Pointing out that the financial aspect is not an obstacle to obtaining more vaccinations.

But it is because companies are unable to produce what is needed for all countries of the world and there is a great shortage of vaccinations at the global level, the minister says.

In his statements, Al-Saeedi also pointed out that the Sultanate has no reservations about any vaccine that meets the conditions.

Stressing that if the safety of any “clear” vaccine is not, it will not be used in the Sultanate.

It is noteworthy that Al-Saeedi’s statements came during the twenty-third press conference of the Supreme Committee in charge of examining the mechanism of dealing with developments resulting from the spread of the Coronavirus “Covid 19”, which was held today at the Ministry of Education.

In his speech, the Omani minister emphasized the possibility of taking more precautionary measures in case the situation calls for it.

He pointed out that the Supreme Committee reviews the situation daily and that it is in continuous session and makes its decisions based on epidemiological data.

The Minister of Health also pointed out that the Supreme Committee decided to prevent travelers from coming from several countries at the beginning of this week. This is due to the positive rate of Covid-19 examinations for those coming from these countries, some of which exceeded 20 percent.

The target groups for vaccination

He reported that a new group of Prime Time Zone who will be vaccinated will be added within the next week.

They are from the 60-year-old category to receive the vaccine, indicating that the target groups for vaccination were divided into several stages and 95 percent of the target population was covered.

And this was in the first phase of the national campaign for immunization against Covid 19, where the total number of vaccinated Prime Time Zone in the Sultanate reached 52,858 Prime Time Zone.

Intensive care

According to Dr. Ahmed Al-Saeedi, 10 cases were transferred directly to intensive care yesterday as a result of some delay in going to health centers.

He pointed to the start of procedures to exempt those who received two doses of vaccination from home or institutional quarantine.

The minister explained that vaccination protects a person from disease, but until now there is no evidence that the vaccinated person is not a carrier of the virus.

Total number of examinations

The total number of examinations conducted in the Sultanate reached 1148166. According to the Omani Minister, who indicated that the number of cases registered in the Sultanate during the past 24 hours reached 288.

The total number of registered cases reaches 140,588.

Yesterday, 4 deaths were recorded, bringing the total to 1562, while the total of those recovering reached 131684.

He also mentioned that the total number of hospitalized patients in all health institutions in the Sultanate until yesterday was 192 patients.

As of yesterday, 4 intensive care patients were admitted, bringing the total number to 68 patients, including 48 Prime Time Zone under artificial respirators.

Al-Saeedi appeals to the Omanis to commit

At the end of his speech, the Omani Minister of Health appealed for the necessity for everyone to adhere to preventive measures from the virus.

This is due to the bitterness and difficulty faced by health workers, and the increase in infected cases will have a negative impact on patients’ appointments.

Royal Oman Police

For his part, Major Muhammad bin Salam Al Hashami of the Public Relations Department of the Royal Oman Police confirmed. The Royal Oman Police follows up on all developments and decisions issued by the Supreme Committee.

Police leaderships in the governorates of the Sultanate implement these decisions on the ground.

Adding that it is easy to reach Prime Time Zone in violation of the quarantine even if the electronic wristband is removed.

He said that we count on the community to be keen on its own safety and to cooperate with the police officers in the front lines with the Ministry of Health and the rest of the authorities to ward off this pandemic.

Receive reports of violation

He added that the Police Operations Juvenile Center has been activated on the phone number / 1099 / to receive all reports of violations that stem from the segments of society or the relevant sectors.

At the same time, he pointed out the decrease in the number of violations compared to the previous period, and most of them focused on not wearing a mask and then violating gatherings.

Major Muhammad bin Salam Al-Hashami confirmed that there is a partnership between the Royal Oman Police, the Ministry of Health, and the Ministry of Social Development to follow up the institutional quarantine imposed on Prime Time Zone coming to the Sultanate.

There is also an online application through which these Prime Time Zone are followed.

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