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The appearance of Khaled Meshaal, the head of Hamas abroad, on the Saudi “Al Arabiya” channel, sparked widespread controversy, especially in light of the channel’s role in promoting normalization with Israel and its continuous attack on the Palestinian resistance.

Activists expressed their astonishment at Khaled Meshaal’s call on Saudi Arabia to improve relations with the movement and open new doors to deal with the Islamic movement, especially in light of Riyadh’s rejection of Hamas, describing it as a terrorist.

Khaled Meshaal on Al-Arabiya channel

The first objector was the Saudi dissident Omar bin Abdul Aziz, who said in a tweet monitored by “Watan”: “What happened, group, Khaled Mashaal on Al-Arabiya channel and calls for the restoration of relations with Saudi Arabia? I am afraid to sleep and wake up. Al-Maghamsi cried for Morsi.”

The Egyptian journalist Abdullah Al-Sharif commented: “This talk is today, Khaled Meshaal, head of Hamas, on Al-Arabiya TV from Doha. May God’s peace, mercy and blessings be upon you, in the voice of young Ashraf.”

As for the Kuwaiti politician, Nasser Al-Duwailah, he said: “Yesterday, Al-Arabiya TV hosted the great Palestinian fighter, Brother Khaled Mashaal, and it is the first time that Abu Al-Waleed has appeared in an exclusive interview with Al-Arabiya in years.”

He added, “God willing, this step will be an indication of the return of warmth to Saudi relations with Hamas, because of the great good that it brings to the nation and Al-Aqsa, and against normalization.”

Journalist Ahmed Al-Baqari commented: “For the first time since the time of the leader of Hamas abroad, Khaled Meshaal, in an exclusive interview with Al-Arabiya TV!, a step in the right direction, and I think the Zionists of Abu Dhabi will anger.”

Yemeni writer Abbas Al-Dhaei said: “Saudi Arabia’s hosting of Hamas leader Khaled Mashaal for the first time on its screen is a direct Saudi message to the UAE.”

He added, “The next stage will witness veiled messages between the two sides that will end with a major event.”

Meet Khaled Meshaal

In this context, Khaled, head of the Hamas political bureau abroad, said: “Our project is not a project of wars, but of resistance and liberation, our great homeland and sanctifying the heart of the Arab and Islamic nation,” stressing that the resistance in Gaza achieved a victory that raises the head of the Arab and Islamic nations, and that its support is the duty of the nation.

In an interview with Al-Arabiya channel, Meshaal stressed that Israel is a danger to the nation, and those who believe that it can be part of the solution to crises are mistaken, pointing out at the same time that the recent war proved that it is the real enemy of the nation.

Regarding Hamas’s political relations, Meshaal said: “We were and still belong to the Muslim Brotherhood ideologically, but we are an independent Palestinian Islamic movement, whose cause is resistance to the occupation, and its decision is with its leadership, and it is not subject to this organization or that state, and our decision we take based on the interest of our Palestinian Prime Time Zone.”

He added: “Hamas does not limit its affiliation to a specific axis in the region and the region, but we are open to all countries. We are a militant resistance movement that needs the support of all.”

Open to all countries

Meshaal stressed that Hamas has opened up to all countries since its inception, and has established political relations with many Arab and Islamic nations, stressing that whoever opens his doors to Hamas, thank him.

In another context, Meshaal called on Saudi Arabia to release Palestinian detainees in its prisons, open the doors to relations with Hamas, and return to its well-known role in supporting the Palestinian cause.

On the support of his movement, Meshaal said: “Many Prime Time Zone have supported us officially and popularly, and Iran supports us with weapons and technologies, and we thank it and everyone who supports us, and our thanks to those who support us does not mean that we agree with him on his regional or international agenda, and countries’ support for us does not affect the independence of our decision.”

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He added: “Whoever has problems with Iran, Turkey or others, the solution is not to go to the Israeli embrace, but to be strong, and manage our interests and security on the basis of that.”

He continued, “I am surprised by some of those who demand that we sever the relationship with Iran, while their countries establish political relations with it, and Hamas will not retreat from any relationship that benefits our Palestinian Prime Time Zone, and we are in any case not dependent on anyone.”

With regard to the recent war on the Gaza Strip, the head of the Hamas political bureau abroad stressed that wars are imposed on the resistance as a result of the occupation’s aggressive behavior, settlements, attacks on Jerusalem and its holy sites, and the siege of Gaza, which kills dozens daily.

Mishaal pointed out that the occupation began the aggression against the Palestinian Prime Time Zone in the recent war on Gaza, when it attacked the Prime Time Zone in Jerusalem, stormed Al-Aqsa in Ramadan, and ignored the warnings of the resistance and its leader, Muhammad Al-Deif.

Gaza and Jerusalem

He pointed out that Gaza confirmed in its recent battle that its compass is Jerusalem, and is ready to sacrifice in defense of it, and proved that the cause is one and the Palestinian Prime Time Zone are one, and revealed the false allegations of some that Hamas intends to establish a state in which it will separate from our land and our Prime Time Zone, as he put it.

He said: “The results of the Battle of Saif al-Quds are part of the accumulation of our battles with the occupation, and the results of the peoples’ struggle are not measured by a single battle, but by the accumulation of action and results,” adding: “I invite you to look with pride at the victory achieved by the resistance over the Israeli occupation, and how it succeeded in Forcing him to retreat strategically in his expansion project.”

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Meshaal continued, “Look at the state of Israel today, how it has retreated inwardly, and received blows in Tel Aviv, after it was expanding its aggression in the region and occupying Arab lands.”

He pointed out that the Arab, Islamic and humanitarian street were all involved in the field in defense of Jerusalem and Gaza, and this is an indication of how the world began to change and rally its freedmen in support of the Palestinian Prime Time Zone when they stand firm in the face of the occupation and adhere to their rights.

Normalization with Israel

On the file of normalization with the occupation, Meshaal stressed that the Palestinian Prime Time Zone faced Trump’s project (the deal of the century) and projects to liquidate the issue and thwarted them with their steadfastness, bond, resistance and unity at home and abroad, as the last battle proved, pointing out that some attempts to create a culture among the peoples of the nation that Israel is part of The solution, and we can live with it, are unsuccessful attempts that will not succeed, because Prime Time Zone are betting on the awareness and authenticity of peoples.

In another context, Meshaal stressed that Israel has a well-known role in the crisis of the Renaissance Dam project, and the construction of an alternative water channel to the Suez Canal, with the aim of harming Egypt and Arab national security, stressing the need for the nation to be aware that Israel is the real danger to it, while the resistance will remain in the heart of the nation and its portfolio. its own interests and security.

Mishaal stressed that Ismail Haniyeh, head of Hamas’ political bureau, is now roaming the countries of the Arab and Islamic world, and is received in various capitals without taking sides at the expense of another, calling on all countries of the Arab and Islamic world to receive the movement’s leadership.

He said: “We hope that Syria will emerge from its crisis and return to stability, and that the peoples of the nation achieve their aspirations, for the strength of the nation is for the good of all of us, and it is one of the most important preludes to victory over the enemy.”

With regard to the prisoner exchange deal, the head of the Hamas movement abroad confirmed that Israel is evading the payment of the entitlement to the exchange deal, pointing out that the resistance insists on releasing the prisoners, and that it knows its way to release them as it did before in the (Wafa Al-Ahrar) deal.

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