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In his first appearance after going through a health crisis that almost lost his life because of it, the Jordanian journalist and founder of (Birds of Paradise) channels Khaled Miqdad revealed, for the first time, the details of what happened with him.

A divine miracle brought Khaled Miqdad back to life

Khaled Miqdad said that he was close to death after being infected with the Corona virus, stressing that his body’s organs stopped working and the doctors lost hope for his recovery, before a divine miracle occurred that brought him back to life again, as he put it.

Khaled Miqdad added in a television interview on the “Al-Seef” program on the Kuwaiti channel (atv): “A few days before Ramadan, I went with my son Al-Mu’tasim to buy Ramadan decorations, and during our return I felt a high temperature and very slow movement, and the next day I could not breathe, I was taken to the hospital, and as my health deteriorated, I was transferred to the intensive care unit.

Khaled Miqdad indicated that at first he felt those around him, but later he fell into a coma and lost consciousness completely for a long time.

Khaled Miqdad’s family said goodbye to him by order of doctors

Khaled Miqdad confirmed that he later learned from the doctors that he was in a hopeless condition, and most of his family and friends who visited him were only saying goodbye to him.

And he continued: (The irony in the matter is that they asked my children to bid me farewell, and told them that I was in the protection of God, the matter reached my mother, who was not convinced that I was still alive even after I called her, and she told me that she was not convinced unless she saw me in front of her and embraced me).

On the rumor of his death, Khaled Miqdad pointed out the extent to which these rumors affect the family and the family, and how it can harm them psychologically in a very large way.

For his part, Al-Waleed Miqdad said that his father turned from a dead person to a living person, pointing out that the family was affected by what happened morally and psychologically, especially his mother.

Al-Waleed Miqdad thanked the audience of the Birds of Paradise channel, who supported them during their ordeal.

Secrets of Success (Birds of Paradise)

Khaled Miqdad returned to talk about the reasons for the success of the Birds of Paradise, and said: (I did not expect all this success and all this spread, we discovered that there is a vacuum in the molds close to the children, so we presented real models, Prime Time Zone do not see us on TV when we are at home, even our car is still present And the audience hugged us tightly.)

Walid Miqdad and Al-Mu’tasim Billah Miqdad also narrated funny situations they were exposed to when they were young after their fame from the Birds of Paradise channel, and how their father prepared them for fame when they were children.

Walid Miqdad said: (When we were children, we used to appear on the stage and do not understand why Prime Time Zone applaud us, and we did not realize the idea of ​​fame, but thank God we were never arrogant because our father was preparing us for the matter).

He continued: (Our father taught us that we are just like the rest of the children, but the difference is that we only appear on television).

Commenting on Al-Waleed’s words, Khaled Miqdad said: (People did not understand that they were ordinary children, so they used to pinch them as if they were a doll).

Al-Mu’tasim Billah Miqdad said that the idea of ​​the Birds of Paradise developed with the development of their ages and that in childhood they relied on songs and a certain way of appearing, but the matter differed, stressing that the vision and goal exist, but they were dealt with in another way that suits the age stage.

Dozens of accounts on social media had published news of Khaled Miqdad’s death last month.

Through his official account on Instagram, Al-Waleed Miqdad denied the rumors circulating about his father’s death.

Al-Waleed Miqdad said that his father’s health declined in the last period, but it has stabilized and he is fine. He expressed his regret over the spread of rumors about his father’s death.

Al-Waleed called Miqdad to ignore these rumors about his father and to rely only on the information issued by his sons.

He also said that his father, Khaled Miqdad, is still in the hospital. He asked the public to pray for his father.

For his part, the star of the Birds of Paradise channel and the director of programs and events, Ibrahim Al-Silawi, confirmed that Khaled Miqdad’s affairs are good and the rumors of his death are not true.

Days before that, the Birds of Paradise channel, through its Twitter account, published a video that included a picture of (Miqdad) while he was on a respirator in the hospital, with his other son, Al-Mu’tasim Billah, accompanied by a prayer for him.

It is noteworthy that Khaled Abdullah Jibril Miqdad was born on January 1, 1972 – in Kuwait and holds Jordanian citizenship.

Miqdad graduated as an interior designer, founded the Birds of Paradise channel in 1994 in Amman, and produced many songs that deal with children and the homeland.

He also opened a satellite channel on January 25, 2008, and named it Birds of Paradise channel after his artistic band, and he is the general manager of the channel in addition to being the band’s manager.

Regarding his marital status, he is married to Marwa Hammad and has six children: Al-Waleed, Al-Mu’tasim Billah, Jana, Gad, Iyad and Sanad.

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