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Controversial Egyptian director Khaled Youssef surprised everyone with his sudden return to Egypt after an absence of 3 years following his famous crisis with the Sisi regime and the leaking of scandalous clips of him as a punishment for criticizing some of the regime’s policies.

Khaled Youssef.. Shima Al-Hajj and Mona Farouk

Khaled Youssef left Egypt, in February of 2019, heading to the French capital, Paris, after his famous crisis at the time with the two young actresses Shima Al-Hajj and Mona Farouk.

Youssef announced his presence in Cairo, hours after revealing the details of his return to film work with the movie “Welcome to Paris.”

Khaled Youssef published a photo on his Facebook page, in which he appeared sitting in one of the places overlooking the Nile River in Cairo.

He commented on it by saying: “Good morning from the immortal Nile shore, good morning to Cairo with its Prime Time Zone.”

The Egyptian director and producer, Ahmed Afifi, had announced the return of his compatriot, director Khaled Youssef, to Cairo, and to practice his work normally from his office, after a few years of absence from the country and cinema.

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Afifi revealed, today, Tuesday, that Khaled Youssef is preparing during the current days to shoot his new movie “Welcome to Paris,” noting that he will manage all his duties again from his office in Cairo.

Welcome to Paris

He explained that the movie “Welcome to Paris”, which Khaled Youssef is preparing to shoot, is a human story that revolves around the suffering of 3 Arab women imprisoned in France inside one prison who are linked by a friendship relationship within it.

Pointing out that this is a true story, not a figment of the imagination.

He indicated that the shooting of the movie is scheduled to begin in September.

Some shots will be filmed in studios in the Lebanese capital, Beirut, and 4 Egyptian artists will participate in the film, including Maged Al-Masry.

It is noteworthy that Khaled Youssef stayed away from Egypt, until he returned on a quick visit that lasted days, in the first of last March.

When he came to attend his brother’s funeral and mourning in Kafr Shukr, Qalyubia Governorate, he then left again for France.

Who is Khaled Youssef?

Khaled Youssef, born in 1964 in Egypt, was a student of the late great director Youssef Chahine.

He directed many cinematic works that achieved great success on the Egyptian art scene, including “Passport with a Republican Decree”, “Legitimate Betrayal”, “When Marching” and “Dokan Shehata”.

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