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Kuwait witnessed a strange incident, when a Syrian young man stormed the house of an Iraqi girl, threatening her with death if she did not respond to his requests.

She refused to marry her and he threatened to kill her

The beginning was when the operations of the Ministry of Interior received a report from an Iraqi girl, who sought help from the security men, after a person whose name was mentioned stormed her house, broke the door and attacked her with a weapon in his hand.

According to the Kuwaiti newspaper (Al-Rai), quoting a security source, the young man did not get along when the Iraqi woman refused to marry him.

Love and Rejection

According to the source, the security men moved to the place of the report in one of the Hawalli governorate areas, and found the accused had left the place before their arrival, and the site was inspected.

The Iraqi girl admitted to the security men that she had an affair with the Syrian suspect, and he had previously proposed to her three times, but her family rejected him, and she did not find a solution other than to satisfy them by severing the relationship.

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But the accused did not accept the reality and insisted on marrying her, which prompted him to attack her in the apartment in which she lives, with a knife, and she made his statements.

The source indicated that the security men were able to arrest the accused, and by interrogating him, he confessed to his act, and a case of assault and entering a house by breaking was registered against him. He was detained until he is referred to the judiciary.

In a similar incident a few days ago, Kuwaiti media reported that the authorities in Kuwait referred a university professor to investigation after he had tampered with the grades of a student, after she refused to marry him.

And according to the Kuwaiti newspaper Al-Jarida, in a precedent at the level of Kuwait University, the Public Prosecution referred a professor in one of the technical colleges to the Criminal Court, on charges of forging official documents, after manipulating the grades of one of the female students.

She was a student who filed a complaint against an academic, in which she stated that he proposed to her, but her family rejected him.

He manipulated her grades in all academic subjects, and gave her a “zero” in the year’s work with his subject despite her commitment to attend his lectures.

During the investigation, the professor denied the charges against him, and the Public Prosecution decided to release him on bail, and refer him to a criminal trial on charges of forgery in official documents.

Ukrainian Htk Show

Last month, Kuwaiti media revealed the details of a shocking crime committed by a Kuwaiti citizen in Salmiya, who tried to forcibly indecent a Ukrainian woman inside her residence, had it not been for the accident that she was saved by the arrival of the property guard.

According to what the local newspaper “Al-Rai” reported at the time, security patrols around Hawally arrested a citizen who tried to indecently assault a Ukrainian woman at dawn in her residence in Salmiya.

And a circulating video clip showed the citizen chasing the Ukrainian woman, who was said to be a nurse, in the street and objecting to her for fear of informing the authorities about him.

A report was received from the complainant stating that an unknown person followed her until he forcibly entered her house, trying to indecently assault her, before the guard came to the sound of her screaming and the accused could escape.

He instructed the guard on the specifications of the accused and the specifications of his vehicle to the security forces in the Hawalli Security Directorate.

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After the patrols were intensified, he was arrested in his vehicle, and it was found that he was a citizen born in 1995. He was shown to the Ukrainian and the guard recognized him, and a felony of indecent assault was registered and he was detained by order of the Public Prosecution.

High crime rate

The Representative in the National Assembly, Lawyer Hisham Al-Saleh, linked the cause of the high crime rate in Kuwait to the psychological conditions associated with the Corona virus, stressing that women were not only victims of crimes that his country witnessed recently, but rather targeted incidents of men and security personnel.

Kuwait recorded 900 cases of self-assault in 2020, and the blood of violence spilled over into residential areas, compounds, markets and various places, according to the local newspaper (Al-Qabas), in the latest statistics.

Kuwait issued a new law to protect against domestic violence on September 20, 2020, after it was approved by the National Assembly, but it was not implemented in the way that was expected, according to women’s associations.

The law provides for the establishment of shelters and shelters for abused women, a hotline to receive complaints of domestic violence, and permission to issue emergency protection orders, but it does not exist on the ground, according to women’s associations.

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