Kuwait News Agency returns Prince Nawwaf as crown prince and raises controversy in Kuwait! | A nation is tweeting out of tune


The official Kuwait News Agency “KUNA” made a catastrophic mistake that was added to the series of mistakes that it made in the past, which sparked widespread controversy.

KUNA, through its verified Twitter account, published a picture on Monday of the Emir of the country, Sheikh Nawaf Al-Ahmad, with a special news of the Crown Prince.

The agency stated that Crown Prince Sheikh Meshaal Al-Ahmad, on Tuesday, sponsors the final match of the Crown Prince Cup, while placing a picture of the Emir of the country with the news.

While the “KUNA” agency amended the fatal mistake it committed, the activists managed to take a picture of the mistake and circulated it widely, amid harsh criticism of the official agency, calling for a change of its policy and its workers due to the repetition of their mistakes.

Deputy Director General of the agency and the relevant team to the investigation

In this context, the Minister of Information and Minister of State for Youth Affairs, Abdul Rahman Al-Mutairi, expressed his rejection of the repeated mistakes made by the Kuwait News Agency (KUNA) in its news published during the recent period.

Al-Mutairi confirmed his rejection of such “irresponsible” behavior, as he put it, which offend the history of the official agency in the country.

Al-Mutairi indicated in a press statement carried by local media that the deputy director general of the agency and the team concerned with the incident were referred to the investigation to find out the circumstances of the matter and to hold accountable the negligent to ensure that such mistakes are not repeated in the future.

Al-Mutairi said that KUNA has an important role in covering local and international news with credibility and transparency, as it is a reliable source. However, the mistakes that have occurred affect its prestigious position, stressing that he will work to restore matters to normal in the agency.

Previous Kona mistakes

KUNA had previously made a catastrophic mistake when it published a news and later deleted it, which caused a state of anger and condemnation in Kuwait and Yemen. After it included congratulations to the new Emir of the country, Sheikh “Nawwaf Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah,” from the foreign minister affiliated with the Houthi group in Yemen, “Hisham Sharaf Abdullah.”

The Kuwait News Agency had published a news story saying: “The Emir of the country received a congratulatory message from the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Yemen, Hisham Sharaf Abdullah. In it, he expressed his sincere congratulations to His Highness, may God protect him, on his assumption of the reins of power.

The news raised widespread question marks in Kuwait, in which bloggers expressed their shock at the news reported by the agency. They demand that those responsible for publishing it be held accountable, and affirming that the Yemeni feelings cannot be tolerated for any reason.

It is worth noting that the Kuwait News Agency (KUNA) was established in 1956 and was re-established by an Emiri decree in 1976 on October 6, in order to collect news and distribute it to media institutions to provide them with a news service like any Arab news agency, and the main role is to highlight Kuwait’s issues regionally and internationally.

In 1999, the number of employees in the agency reached 365 workers, and the average number of news in both Arabic and English bulletins was about 72,500 news per year.

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