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A television program on Kuwait TV, Channel Two, sparked widespread controversy after its embodiment of the personality of the Prophet Ibrahim, peace be upon him.

The Kuwaiti National Assembly representative, Dr. Hamad Al-Matar, published a scene from the program through his documented account on (Twitter), and sent a message to the Ministry of Information in which he said: (The Minister of Information, what was shown on TV Channel Two of the embodiment of our master Ibrahim, peace and blessings be upon him) is not permissible. .

The embodiment of the Prophet Abraham!

He continued: (You must open an investigation into what happened and hold the person responsible for this program accountable. Religious issues such as the embodiment of prophets must be approved by the Shariah Board of the Ministry of Endowments.”

A number of activists and clerics agreed with him, so Dr. Salem Al-Shammari wrote in response to Hamad Al-Matar: “It is not permissible by Sharia to personify the prophets, confirming the decision of the Islamic Fiqh Academy in Jeddah in its eighth session held in 1405 AH issued in this regard, which includes the prohibition of depicting the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, and other messengers. And the prophets, peace be upon them, and the Companions, may God be pleased with them, and the obligation to prevent that).

The Ministry of Information suspended the program and checked

The Ministry of Information in Kuwait responded to the tweet of Representative (Matar), and announced that it had referred the program’s work team on Channel Two to the investigation.

In a tweet via their official account on (Twitter), the ministry confirmed that they had taken a decision to stop broadcasting the program for violating the regulations and regulations of the Religious Discourse Committee in the ministry.

The official spokesman for the ministry, Anwar Murad, said that, based on instructions from the Minister of Information and Culture and Minister of State for Youth Affairs Abdul Rahman Al-Mutairi, the ministry has taken urgent action against the work team of a television program that violates the regulations and regulations of the Religious Discourse Committee in the ministry, which was previously broadcast on a screen. The second channel.

The statement stated, “The administrative procedure represented stopping the broadcast of the program and referring the work team to the investigation, to clarify the reasons for the violation, and not to present the work before broadcasting it on television to the Religious Discourse Committee in the Ministry.”

Religious Discourse Committee

Anwar Murad affirmed the ministry’s keenness to present all programs related to religious aspects to the Religious Discourse Committee to ensure their safety in all aspects.

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She explained that under the directives of the minister and in implementation of the strategy of the Ministry of Information, the ministry is working to develop all Kuwait TV channels, including Channel 2, noting that work is underway to develop the second channel in form and content in a comprehensive manner in order to upgrade the content to suit the viewer’s taste.

Although the ministry did not reveal the details of the violation, Hamad Al-Matar confirmed that the reason was his tweet.

And in a new tweet, the response he received from the Minister of Information was published, which read: (They have been referred for investigation and the necessary action will be taken and the assistant undersecretary will be alerted that any legitimate action will be transferred to the Religious Discourse Committee… Thank you for your interest… With my greetings and your longing for the protection and care of the Most Merciful).

(O you who saved Yusuf from the belly of the whale)

Previously, Kuwait TV got into trouble last year when a scene in one of the Kuwaiti series sparked a state of ridicule and anger at the same time among social media activists, after it was found that they do not differentiate between prophets.

Actress Fatima Al-Hosani appeared in one of her scenes in the series (Muhammad Ali Road), as she prays and pleads with God, saying: (Oh, save Yusuf from the belly of the whale), in a confusion between the story of the prophets Yusuf and Yunus, peace be upon them.

At the time, Kuwait TV published an apology for the error in the series (Mohammed Ali Road), which is considered one of the largest Ramadan series in the Gulf this year, and said that it referred the matter to investigation.

The Minister of Information and Minister of State for Kuwaiti Youth Affairs, Muhammad Al-Jabri, issued a decision dissolving the texts and viewing committees concerned with licensing the dramas shown in the State of Kuwait after this mistake.

At the time, the tweeters launched the hashtag #Kuwait_TV, denouncing the mistakes and catastrophic failures that Kuwaiti series had made since the beginning of the Ramadan drama race.

Bashar al-Assad instead of Sabah al-Ahmad

The series of errors on the official Kuwait TV continued after that, and a catastrophe was observed in the national operetta (they joined it).

Those in charge of the work produced by Kuwait TV made a fatal mistake in the operetta, when they published a picture of a young child that activists discovered to belong to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad in his childhood.

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And the image of Bashar al-Assad in his childhood, in the third second, appears in the operetta, which praises the achievements of the Emir of Kuwait, Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah, in light of the (Corona) crisis, as an image belonging to the Emir.

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