Kuwaiti actress Alaa Al-Hindi raises controversy with vague statements about her exposure to blackmail .. Should she take off the veil? | A nation is tweeting out of tune


Kuwaiti actress Alaa Al-Hindi, in her latest appearance, sparked a wave of controversy after her statements about (blackmail and threat) she was exposed to at the hands of close associates, without clarifying the details.

Kuwaiti actress and singer, Alaa Al-Hindi, said in a television interview on the “Weyakam” program, which is shown daily in the month of Ramadan, that she was threatened and blackmailed by close to her without naming them.

(Al-Hindi) indicated that she does not know why matters between them have reached such a degree, despite her not taking the initiative to harm anyone.

The Kuwaiti actress confirmed at the same time that she wanted peace of mind for herself and did not address any lawsuits or otherwise.

Alaa Al Hindi added, about how she handled this matter, that she decided to ignore it completely.

And that is because she reached an age that made her see that her psychological comfort is the most important thing.

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Alaa added that she did not want it to be a point in her artistic history that she filed a case against anyone.

She is also comfortable in condoning and tolerance, hence the Kuwaiti journalist Saleh Al-Rashed described her as kind, quite unlike him, as he raises cases against those who insult him and threaten him, and she made it clear that a day will come upon him and completely ignore it.

Alaa Al-Hindi justified this by saying that from her point of view, and “because of the social media” Media, disguises, insults and insults will become a daily habit.

People will deal with it normally afterwards, as if it is nothing new to provoke them.

the series `Of Ramadan

And about the reason for her absence from appearing in the Ramadan 2021 series, El Hindi revealed that she had developed a new plan for herself in the artistic career

This is in order to balance her work in acting and singing, and from here she decided to focus on singing this year, and not accept acting artworks in order to devote themselves to the release of a number of individual songs.

Stressing at the same time that this talk does not mean that she will retire from acting.

Do you take off Ala Hindi veil?

Speaking about the hijab, Alaa Al Hindi confirmed that she will not take off her hijab no matter what.

This is because it does not represent a hindrance to her in the work, in addition to her persistence in him for 10 years and achieving great success through her artistic career without the slightest problems.

Aaron’s mother

Alaa Al-Hindi participated in the drama race in Ramadan last through the series (Umm Haroun), which she considered the first real dramatic work in her life, according to previous statements to her.

Who is Alaa Al Hindi?

It is noteworthy that Alaa Al Hindi, born on March 31, 1992, is a Kuwaiti actress and singer.

Walaa is a graduate of the Higher Institute of Dramatic Arts, Acting and Directing Department.

She began her life in theater with the play (The Return of Recruitment), and she also has a talent for singing.

On December 22, 2017, she participated in the opening ceremony of the 23rd Arabian Gulf Cup alongside singers Nabil Shuail, Abdul Karim Abdul Qadir, Muhammad Al-Misbah and others.

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