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Kuwaiti businessman Ahmed Al-Salem officially announces his divorce from Queen of Kabuli .. What happened between them ?! | A nation is tweeting out of tune


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Famous social media and Kuwaiti businessman Ahmed Al Salem announced his official divorce from the fashionista and Saudi beauty expert, Malakka Kabli.

The divorce decree of the Queen of Kabli

Ahmed Al-Salem published a copy of the divorce deed issued by the Ministry of Justice in Saudi Arabia, and attached it to a comment in which he said: “Praise be to God for everything .. God compensates me and compensates her with good.”

The quarrels of Queen Kabuli and Ahmed Al Salem appeared to the public after an unexplained bickering between them through their social media accounts.

Fiction-inspired story

Queen Kabuli published a video clip a few days ago through her account, in which she told a story that she said was based on imagination, about a character who commits sins in secret and pretends to be kind and idealistic in front of Prime Time Zone.

Queen Kabuli said at the time: “This person who settles sins is taking advantage of that Prime Time Zone do not know about this thing because he is in the dark and I still do not know. This person who is inspired by imagination will know, of course, and he criticizes Prime Time Zone whose sins are in the light. This smokes in the light and these are embellished in the light. ”

And she continued: “I told you this story from fiction because there are Prime Time Zone who are very good and believe anything.”

Dawn in the quarrel

Ahmed Al-Salem also said in a video: “When is the best time for a person to know the Prime Time Zone around him .. When do I know that this person has sensitivity? Neither is it affection … At the time of friendship, the metal of persons does not appear.

He added at the time: “The verse of the hypocrite is three of them. If Fajr quarrels … the person who fought and exploded in you, this is what he is feeling.

The start of the disputes was when the Queen of Kabuli posted mysterious messages on “Snapchat” about treason, and appeared in a video clip while she was driving her car. And she sings with Diana Haddad: “And if they go short, your love is after Mivid,” accompanying the video with the comment: “The cheater and the liar equal the merit of Logab.

Stay with the cheap

The Queen of Kabuli also published a picture on which it was written: “It is okay if you failed me, because I failed myself by your choice.” She commented on another picture saying: “I wish I had not told anyone about you so that the disappointment between me and you would remain.”

In another picture, she wrote: “Stay with the cheap .. I am dear to you.”

The hashtag #He_Kable_Cable was issued at the time by the Saudi trend, after activists explained that she had been betrayed by her husband, Ahmed Al-Salem.

It is noteworthy that the Queen of Kabuli and Ahmed Al-Salem have one child named Qamar, and the spouses have always raised controversy by sharing the details of their lives to a degree. Posting pictures of the delivery room during the delivery of her newborn, and reviewing the hospital and its excessive processing for them.

The Queen of Kabuli also published details of an evening, especially when her ex-wife celebrated her after her birth, gifted her a luxurious limousine, and decorated the house with 500 roses for every day he spent with her after marriage, and later gave her an iPhone 11 made of 24 karat gold.

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