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Kuwaiti deputy wages the mother of the battles against Saddam Hussein and describes him as a criminal tyrant! | A nation is tweeting out of tune


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The Kuwaiti MP, Osama Al-Shaheen, attacked Raghad Saddam Hussein, the daughter of the late Iraqi president, against the backdrop of statements she made during an interview with Saudi Arabia. Considering that she practiced a great process of deception while talking about her father.

Al-Shaheen, a member of the Kuwaiti National Assembly, said in a video monitored by Watan that Raghad Saddam Hussein went out in the interview to try to bestow. A human face on a bloodthirsty criminal tyrant – referring to Saddam Hussein – which she described as a symptom pernicious, saying that he is in parentheses very nice. Far from cruelty and passionate with the Iraqis and does not like blood, and his entire life and career are completely different. According to him.

The Kuwaiti MP went on to attack Saddam Hussein, recalling what he had done with his Prime Time Zone and his opponents in addition to his neighbors, and Kuwait is one of them. In addition to what he did with the north, experimenting with chemical weapons on the Iraqis, and bulldozing huge villages and entire lands in the south only for a disagreement with him.

The deputy claimed that “the environment, inanimate objects, weather and dust” were not spared from Saddam Hussein’s crimes. Saying: “We saw what happened in the burning of more than 700 oil wells in Kuwait alone, millions of bereaved, dead, wounded, afflicted, and affected Prime Time Zone, then someone described him with these descriptions that are far from him.” According to him.

The Kuwaiti MP called on the government of his country and the Iraqi government to denounce Raghad Saddam Hussein’s statements, saying: “Besides our rejection of these statements, I call on the Iraqi and Kuwaiti government to denounce such statements, and to work to perpetuate the crimes of the former Iraqi regime. So that future generations can learn the extent of the misery of tyranny and despotism, and the extent of crimes that tyrants and tyrants can descend to in our Arab world.

Raghad Saddam Hussein interview

Raghad Saddam Hussein went out through a canal Arabic Saudi Arabia a few days ago, on a talk show in which she talks about a number of topics. Most notable are her memories of her father’s time, the relationship with her siblings, and the attitude toward Iran.

Raghad said during the interview, which lasted about half an hour and will have other parts, that her father was kind and did not treat anyone cruelly. He wasn’t even punishing or violent his kids.

Raghad added that some decisions at the time of her father required cruelty to be taken, expressing her rejection of the whole principle of cruelty.

Raghad explained that her father was kind to the Iraqi Prime Time Zone, and he used to visit Prime Time Zone and exchange folk rituals with them simply.

Raghad said about Iran that she had violated Iraq after the fall of her father, after the American and British invasions of Iraq in 2003, when he was no longer there. A deterrent machine that prevents them from doing anything they want inside Iraq.

Raghad said that all options are on the table for her to assume any official position in the future, declaring that this is not far from her.

Raghad explained that she entered the field of political action after the fall of her father’s regime, the killing of her two brothers, and the trial period that Saddam Hussein was subjected to. Which ended with a death sentence against him.

Raghad considered that, as a young woman, she did not aspire to any political positions, but was forced to enter this battle due to the confidence of her sisters in her. And for her ability to take on such a task, because, as she said, the genes of leadership and leadership drawn from her father.

Freedoms in the time of Saddam Hussein

Speaking about freedoms during Saddam’s time, Raghad said that freedom is freedom, and that all the slogans that came after the occupation brought freedom. They are incorrect.

She added, “Iraq is not a normal country in its location, its military capacity, nor its ability to make decisions.”

She explained: “It is the balance of the region and it is the eastern guardian gate of the region, and it is easy to live in prosperity without being bothered by others, and wars are what anyone loves.”

Raghad also said that her father was not a war lover. But he was being forced to make a decision out of his moral responsibility towards his country and its interest.

The division of Iraq

Raghad answered in response to a question: Is she concerned about the division of Iraq?

By saying that she is very anxious about this stage and that she does not wish to see this day.

She explained that this concern “is a string that is being played from time to time, and it is one of the options on the political arena.

She added that each stage has a deal, but dividing Iraq in all stages is not likely and is not correct.

Iranian intervention in Iraq

Regarding the Iranian interference in Iraq and in a number of other Arab countries, Raghad Saddam Hussein said. The Iranians “desecrated Iraq after an absence. Real authority and legitimacy of the country.

And she continued: “They violated the country and Iraq became for them an easy place, without real deterrence.”

She added, “Iraq should not lose its role in the arena, and what has become in the region as a whole, through Iranian interference in many Arab countries.”

And about the broadcaster’s talk to her that at the time of communication sites everyone expresses his opinion and there are opinions saying that Raghad is portraying herself in some position?

Raghad said that Iraq is the country of Iraqis, and when I picture myself in this way, it is not a mistake.

The daughter of the former Iraqi president went on to say that she had a normal and beautiful childhood, and that she used to go on trips sometimes with her father.

She explained that she did not support the cruelty of decisions, and that there were decisions that required a bit of cruelty.

She said that her father was not only affectionate with them as his children, but with all Prime Time Zone, and he was affectionate with all citizens.

Raghad Saddam Hussein’s interview via Arabic caused a wave of controversy among the pioneers of the communication sites, some of whom praised her talk. Some of them used him as a mockery and ridicule, considering that she was trying to decorate the image of her father, who was involved in crimes against humanity in Iraq during his reign, which lasted for decades. And that only ended with the military invasion that later caused the destruction of Iraq.

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Kuwaiti deputy wages the mother of the battles against Saddam Hussein and describes him as a criminal tyrant!  |  A nation is tweeting out of tune