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Kuwaiti fascist Noha Nabil caused a sensation after publishing videos showing her prostration as she arrived at Dubai Airport in the UAE.

Noha Nabil published several videos documenting the moment she arrived at Dubai Airport, where she hurried as soon as she reached the prostration “Farha”, which exposed her to a great attack from the public.

Noha Nabil is being robbed by her boyfriend

A few days ago, Noha Nabil revealed that she had been robbed by a person close to her, to whom she had opened her home and hosted it at some point.

Noha Nabil said in a video on (Snapchat), that this person, who hosted him in her home for two days due to his bad psychological condition, had stolen her Hermes handbag, and its price is 600 thousand Saudi riyals (160 thousand US dollars).

The Kuwaiti fascinist published a photo documenting the return of the bag to her, confirming that she did not report it to the police because he is one of her relatives and does not want to expose it for the sake of his wife and family.

Noha wrote: “The thief who bitten the hand that was extended to him and denounced our standing for years .. I will not sue you out of respect for your family and your family, and because I know if children and a wife are wet in you and their money is a sin .. it is sufficient for us that my Lord revealed you to us and compensated my Lord is greater and more beautiful.”

Noha recounted the details of what happened, saying: (Praise be to God, I realized that my money is permissible, and I am more certain that the money that is permissible is wasted).

And she continued: (I am the one who informs him of advertisements and advertisements, I spend it on the costumes, bags and things that I love and I am happy with whoever saw this, and everyone knows my obsession with this thing and my love for it and my interest in it).

Noha explained that she loves the items that she owns, and every piece she has has a material and moral value, which makes her refuse to sell her belongings, and put a security system on stressing her fashion room.

And the Kuwaiti fascist continued: (I discovered that my bag had been stolen from a person I hosted in my house for days, and we saw this in surveillance cameras, and when I confronted him, he confessed and said that he sold it, the Croco bag from Hermes, he sold it cheaply, and cheaply at a price that the imitation of it is sold at a price more expensive than the one who sold it).

She added: (If he asked me for money, by God, I would give him, but you did not bite the hand that extended to you and the Prime Time Zone of the house believed for you).

Noha indicated that she had contacted the girl who bought the bag, who is the daughter of a wealthy family in Kuwait, adding: (I was surprised that she did not know the value of the bag and bought it cheaply, and we contacted her father, but he refused to return it in exchange for the amount he paid to the thief).

Here Noha was forced to put her voice while holding the bag to confirm that it belonged to her, and she hung on it (permissible money is not wasted), so the girl’s father called back and asked them to come to take the bag.

Noha revealed that the girl’s father began haggling with them over the price of the bag after learning of its true price, and she said:

In the end, Noha Nabil turned to her lawyer and was able to get the bag in the end in exchange for paying the money they had paid to the thief only without registering a case.

(Rooster head slaughtered)

And Noha Nabil had previously caused a sensation among her followers on social media, with a situation she was also exposed to inside her home, after documenting the moment she found black magic inside her home.

In the video she posted, Noha Nabil appeared while sitting in the garden of her house and saying: “We found something strange in our garden. I was photographing my friend Nouf. The worker called me, telling me that he found something terrifying.”

Noha Nabil continued: (I went to see, and in front of me was the head of a slaughtered rooster, and there was nothing but its head. I did not understand the scene from the intensity of terror, and it was noticeable that the rooster’s hair was thick.)

Noha Nabil asked whether the head of the rooster was an act and magic aimed at her home, or a threatening message, adding: (My house is surrounded by cameras, and whoever puts this head on for me. I tell him your head will be the next, and I will bring you from the cameras).

She added, “I know that a rooster is by color. If it is black, it means the magic of the structure of separation, and if it is white, it means light magic.”

Then Noha grabbed the head of the rooster and found that it was white, and vowed to catch the one who threw it in her house, and that she would place his head in the place of the rooster’s head that she found next to her children’s toys in the garden.

Noha concluded the video by writing Surat (Al-Falaq), to protect herself and her family from magic.

Noha Nabil: I was betrayed

In another context, Noha Nabil did not get hold of herself, and she cried on the air while talking about the video that was leaked to her from inside her home while she was reprimanding her eldest son with foreign words.

Noha Nabil said while hosting during the last month of Ramadan on the program (Ali and Najm) on Kuwait TV: (The video spread from home cameras, there is betrayal that occurred, but God is above)

And Noha Nabil continued: (Cases were brought against me, and it was said that the video contains words offensive to modesty, but thanks to God, the video was analyzed, and it was confirmed that it was free of any indecent words and that the words that came with it were installed).

The Kuwaiti fashionista confirmed that she does not speak with her children in the way that was shown in the video, nor does she utter the words contained in it.

And Noha went on: (If I were a not good mother, they would not have taken comfort with me in this way, and they would not have responded to me as they would, they would have felt afraid of me.)

Noha returned and confirmed that the video leakage occurred due to treason, indicating that she had waived her right in order to preserve the family’s cohesion.

Noha Nabil explained that this betrayal came from Prime Time Zone she lives with, but she refused to reveal their identity.

And she continued: (What bothered me the most was the defamation of my son, and made him feel ashamed of going to school for a week because of the external words that were contained in the video).

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