Kuwaiti Ghadeer Al-Sabti seeks help from her followers because of what happened to her in the Emirates! (watched) | A homeland tweeting outside the flock


Kuwaiti actress Ghadeer Al-Sabti caused a sensation among social media activists, by criticizing the waters of the UAE, where she is currently located.

(UAE water ruined my hair)

In a video, through her account on (Snapchat), Ghadeer Al-Sabti said that the UAE water caused great damage to her hair, despite the use of special treatments.

Ghadeer Al-Sabti indicated that her hair had become very dry, which made her suffer, adding: (Emirates water did not suit my hair, and it had not previously reached this stage of dryness, despite my use of various oils, moisturizers, shampoos, masks, and nutrients, without any benefit. ).

The Kuwaiti artist asked for help from her followers to advise her to use any useful substance that makes her hair wet again.

(take it out)

Ghadeer Al-Sabti’s talk sparked an uproar among the followers, most of whom attacked her, and one of them wrote:

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Umm Fatima mocked in her comment, saying: (Emirates water is suitable for all these millions, but what do I say, shut up, my tongue).

Another mocked also: (On the basis that you are in Kuwait swimming from the waters of the Sulaibiya River and Lake Al-Jahra. You see all the Gulf living on the desalinated water of the sea).

And she wrote a follow-up: (Glory be to God, everyone who lived in the Emirates, I only complained about you).

The limit of one of the followers reached a demand for her expulsion, saying: (It is better to take her out of the Emirates).

The secret of Ghadeer Al-Sabti’s absence

A few weeks ago, Ghadeer Al-Sabti revealed the main reason behind her absence from filming her diary, through her accounts on social media, as she used to.
The Kuwaiti artist reassured her followers about her mother’s health, and said in a video clip via (Snapchat): (I miss you, and I definitely miss you.

And Al-Sabti continued: (But you ask me why you don’t take pictures of your daily snaps like the first, guys, it’s forbidden to take pictures with the phone inside the location, and after I come home because I’m tired, and I don’t have the ability to take pictures, so you see that I’m absent from you).

criticism and attack

Ghadeer was subjected to severe criticism a few days ago for laughing hysterically despite her mother’s head injury.

Al-Sabti appeared in a video laughing strikingly and telling her audience that her mother had been hit in the head and needed stitches and stitches in the hospital.

Ghadeer said: (My mother was hit in the head by a glass cup, and the injury led to stitches and stitches, and a tumor above her eye).

Ghadeer Al-Sabti: My brother beat and interrupted me

At the end of last month, Ghadeer caused a shock among her fans after she revealed that her younger brother was blaming her for entering the artistic field.

At the time, Ghadeer Al-Sabti said in an interview on the “Weyakom” program on the Kuwaiti ATV channel that her brother Abdullah hit her more than once, and also boycotted her for five years, and he completely refused her acting.

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She added: “My relationship with my brother was very strong, and I loved him madly, but he was afraid of me from the artistic community, despite his complete confidence in my morals, and I respected him, but I insisted on completing my dream, achieving my ambition, and entering the art world.”

Ghadeer Al-Sabti revealed that the death of her brother, who was abusing her, left her in a bad psychological state, stressing that he spoke to her on the phone before his death.

Ghadeer Al-Sabti reveals her true age

She said, “I was hoping to hear from him a word I forgave you, and I traveled to London to see him, but he died before I arrived, and I hear it directly from him.”

Ghadeer Al-Sabti mocked her age, saying: “I am not ashamed of my age, I have turned 46, and I do not have a phobia of age, it is just a number.”

And she continued, “At first I was sad because I am short, my height is only 147 cm, but when I got older, I found that my short stature gives me a shape much younger than my age.”

Ghadeer Al-Sabti expressed her admiration for some of the comments she sees on social media, describing her as an “old woman”, and said: “I love laughter and life, and my soul is youthful, and I do not care about being old as long as my soul is young.”

The Kuwaiti media, Mai Al-Aidan, had announced the start of the proceedings to sue Ghadeer Al-Sabti, after verbal altercations between them, after Mashari Al-Balam was infected with the Corona virus, before his death.

May Al-Aidan, through her official account on “Instagram”, published a video of her sitting in her lawyer’s office. She commented: “From the office of lawyer Dari Al-Wawan, I announce that a case has been filed against Ghadeer Al-Sabti for insulting, defamation, and defamation. Personal approval or permission from the prosecution and misuse of a phone.”

Al-Aidan said: “I only wrote a tweet in which I did not mention her name, but another tweet put Ghadeer’s picture in the same tweet. Why did you not contact her or go to court against her?”

May Al-Aidan confirmed that she did not mean Ghadeer Al-Sabti in her tweet, and that she has the right to resort to the Kuwaiti judiciary. Who she trusts very much.

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