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Kuwaiti singer Shams announced her willingness to release her new song in the Iraqi dialect, coinciding with Eid al-Adha.

Shams Al-Kuwaiti published a bold image through her official account on (Instagram), to announce the song, during which she appeared in a yellow dress with bare shoulders, revealing a large part of her chest, as well as placing her hand on her body in a way that sparked controversy.

Shams commented on the photo, announcing her new work: (Atten his life, my new Iraqi song on Eid, composed by the artist Nour Al-Zein, and distributed by Maestro Ammar Adnan, ready for madness and the new chapter).

Shams’ Kuwaiti clothes, and her bright yellow makeup, which she coordinated with the color of the dress, sparked controversy among her followers, between those who admired her bold look, and others attacked her and described her as (the painting).

Shams Al-Kuwaiti: (I like to wear clothes without clothes)

Shams’ bold appearance came a week after she responded to the criticism she was being subjected to because of this, as she posted a video via (Tik Tok) in which she said: (I am wearing myself, I like to wear not covered, I like to wear without clothes, I like to walk like that).

And Shams Al-Kuwaiti then continued: (If you think that I am seducing you, I do not see you and do not know you to tempt you, and then you meet three-quarters of you as a stomach as if you were Super Mario, why did you not tempt you at all).

And the Kuwaiti artist concluded: (If I tempted someone sweet, I tempted someone who is settled, the world runs and sees it on ships standing on the sea, and a fleet of planes, and the name of the lover of the world).

Shams’ audacity in the clip (M’aliyah)

Shams Al-Kuwaiti was able to gain more than 2 and a half million views, just one month after the release of the clip for her new song (Ma’aliyah), in which she relied on temptation.

Shams Al-Kuwaiti appeared in the clip after controversial positions and daring clothes, and she was initially on the bed with an open-breasted dress.

Then Shams Al Kuwaiti walks by the pool, wearing a tight jumpsuit, revealing from the top and the back, revealing the details of the tattoo on her back.

As for the most daring shot in the clip (Maaliya), he was in the bathtub when Shams wore only a bathrobe, and then appeared in very short dresses that clearly revealed her legs.

And the clip (Maaliya) ended with Shams Al-Kuwaiti wearing a yellow dress that resembles a bathrobe in detail, and reveals more than it covers.

criticism and attack

Kuwaiti Shams was widely attacked for resorting to temptation in her clip, which was directed by foreign director Genevieve Muller.
The lyrics of the song, which talk about the need for Shams Al-Kuwaiti to stay away from her lover, who caused her harm instead of making her happy, says: I blame you for taking my soul away from you..by which you conquer your life, the soul of cursing your day..there is nostalgia.

And the song (Ma’aliya) from the words of Rami Al-Aboudi, composed by Nour Al-Zein, distributed by Ammar Adnan, mix and master, Hassan Al-Iraqi.

An apology to the Palestinian Prime Time Zone

Shams Al-Kuwaiti had sent a letter of apology to the Prime Time Zone of Palestine after the Israeli escalation in Gaza, and what the residents of Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood are being subjected to at the hands of the Israeli occupation forces.

And Shams published a picture on (Instagram), in which she wrote: (Forgive me, I am despicable and weak, and I only have a tweet in which I support you).

Kuwaiti Shams buries herself

And the Kuwaiti artist Shams admitted earlier that she wanted to experience the idea of ​​death, as she buried herself, to see if a person feels fear in those moments when he is alone.

She added: (I remained under the sands of the sea for 20 minutes, and my face was initially apparent, but I decided to bury my face… and I felt safe and secure and I felt that the whole world was deceived and lied… and I felt that I would be in the hands of God and His mercy is broader than my mistakes).

In answer to the question of the biggest sin that occurred to her while she was buried, Shams Al-Kuwaiti said: (It is possible that my mother’s neglect was due to travel, because her mother has no one but her.

(connection and betrayal)

And Shams Al-Kuwaiti said during her hosting with the Egyptian media, Basma Wahba, on the “Al-Arafa” program: “No man in the Arab world deserves to be associated with him.”

The Kuwaiti artist added: (The one who will marry me does not need two, three or four… I have schizophrenia).

Shams Al-Kuwaiti indicated that (any man who entered her life and was associated with him doubted her and was jealous of her and tried to possess her).

The artist confirmed that (it is impossible to be associated with a married person no matter what happens, despite the fact that many married Prime Time Zone applied to her and strongly rejected them).

She said: (Hundreds of related Prime Time Zone came to me, not dozens, and I insulted them).

As for her previous statement that she will not marry from within the Arab world, but rather according to American law, she confirmed that it is (rational talk because, in her view, women have not been given their rights in the Arab world).

Kuwaiti artist Shams denied that she had been betrayed by anyone she was associated with, and said that (all her husbands were loyal, and she does not have many friends, because she does not like compliments and is busy with her studies, and that her friends, despite their sayings, are good).

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