Laila Abdel Latif’s predictions for 2021 are absolutely shocking! | A nation is tweeting out of tune


Lebanese astronomer Laila Abdullatif published shocking predictions for Arab countries in the new year 2021 during an interview on the Al-Jadid channel on New Year’s Eve.

Laila Abdul Latif’s expectations for Kuwait:

Laila Abdullatif said that Kuwaiti security will achieve a great achievement, and through it, it will protect Kuwait from a major terrorist act.

She added that Kuwait will build a new airport equipped with the latest international technologies.

She indicated that a wide campaign against corruption will be launched that will lead to a major change in faces with the arrest of prominent Prime Time Zone and will be held accountable to the media.

I expected a ruling dispute that would dominate the Kuwaiti airspace with an important event, and the Emir would wisely resolve it and restore stability to the active political track in Kuwait.

And she predicted that the change will affect the Kuwaiti government.

She said that the health of the Emir of Kuwait, Nawaf Al-Ahmad, is undergoing an emergency health setback. He is hospitalized. Adding that black smoke rises from one of the government buildings for an event.

Expectations of Layla Abdullatif for Qatar:

Laila Abdullatif said that Qatar is witnessing an event that attracts attention, and the talk of media and Qatari reconciliation with Saudization is the source of this event.

She added that there will be reciprocal visits between Egypt and Qatar to restore relations to their previous state.

Laila Abdullatif’s expectations for Iraq:

Laila Abdel Latif said that attention will be directed to the Iraqi city of Babylon for a major event, while the American presence in Iraq will be at stake, expecting more operations targeting America in Iraq.

She added that Iraq will enter the year 2021 a stage that does not resemble the previous stages, especially at the security and military level, while the resolution will be the title of the next stage, expecting that a senior figure will be assassinated, while Iraq will enter into negotiations with Israel.

Layla Abdullatif’s expectations for Iran:

Iran will be on a date with political and military developments, the most important of which is a meeting between the Rouhani president and the new US president. According to Layla Abdullatif

The Lebanese astronomer expected a “security quarrel” from and on Iran, in which the Revolutionary Guards would participate.

She said that all eyes will be directed to the Strait of Hormuz because of a major event.

She mentioned that the Iranian president will visit the Sultanate of Oman for an event.

She expected the departure of a prominent Iranian figure, as the streets of Iran would be filled with crowds in a large march behind the coffin of the late great.

She said that the Israeli rear is facing a major security jolt, and Iran is in the center of the event.

She indicated that she does not see a war between the United States and Iran at this stage, while fear for Iran will come from China.

Laila Abdullatif’s expectations for Turkey:

Leila Abdullatif expected that Turkey would witness political unrest and an insurgency.

She said that President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is hospitalized due to a health condition.

She mentioned that the Turkish lira will decline against the dollar in an unprecedented way.

And it claimed that Turkey would suffer a severe blow in Libya.

Turkey will witness more tremors and earthquakes, especially in Istanbul.

Expectations of Leila Abdellatif for Tunisia:

Tunisia will witness a great day of anger that will lead to a return to the hands of political and security events, with the occurrence of radical changes at the political level and reforms, as one of the prominent Tunisian symbols will be assassinated, leading to a state of chaos and anxiety.

He added to the Lebanese “Al-Jadid” channel: “The Tunisian president will be exposed to a serious health symptom, but the matter is going well, God willing, and Corona will knock on the doors of the presidential palace in Tunisia and cause a state of panic.”

However, she added: “I see Tunisia rising again, and we will see green Tunisia as the capital of tourism and economy. There will also be a government change that will lead to the opening of corruption files, and we will see the corrupt behind bars, and this will be the talk of the media and the Tunisian street.

Expectations of Leila Abdellatif for Algeria:

Leila Abdellatif expected that protest demonstrations would start in Algeria, which would gradually turn into clashes with the security forces, through which unfortunate and dangerous acts would break out.

She said that Algerian aviation is exposed to an unfortunate event.

It indicated signs of a diplomatic crisis between Algeria and France. While an earthquake will hit several Algerian cities and cause losses.

Expectations of Leila Abdellatif for Morocco:

Laila Abdellatif believed that a reform revolution would take place in Morocco, accompanied by a change in the Moroccan government, and that it would be a great role for the King of Morocco, Mohammed VI, and we will see prominent names behind bars.

She said that relations between Morocco and Algeria will be strained due to an emergency crisis.

Laila Abdullatif’s expectations for Palestine and Jordan:

The prominent astronomer expected that the holy places in Palestine would witness unrest, violence and arrests of clerics, while the most prominent event would come out of Gaza.

She said that the death will miss a prominent Palestinian figure. While all eyes are on Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas for a health event.

And she expected that King Abdullah II of Jordan would issue decisions that include a campaign of major changes and would help stabilize the economic, tourism and security situation in the next stage.

She said that Jordan will face a large Corona wave and effectively defeat it, and she personally warned the Jordanian King of Corona.

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