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Activists circulated a rare photo of the Spanish model Georgina Rodriguez, girlfriend of the star Cristiano Ronaldo, revealing that she had undergone many plastic surgeries, most notably breast augmentation.

Georgina before and after

Georgina Rodriguez appeared in the recently leaked and circulated image, with a slender body at the beginning of her entry into the world of modeling, which revealed that she had a small chest compared to her current shape, as well as the rear.

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And a sports art page had previously published pictures of Georgina Rodriguez that shocked the audience because of the different shape of her face, as it was found that she had reduced her nose and injected her lips with filler, and her face with Botox.

before and afterbefore and after1

The Spanish model, Georgina Rodriguez, also had the process of modifying the palate and chin, and taking care of her skin, which appeared in her pictures before the plastic surgery, while she was tired and had pimples and pimples.

In another context, Cristiano Ronaldo’s girlfriend, Georgina Rodriguez, shared with her followers a new photo, in which a bathrobe appeared.

Through the (Al-Asturi) feature on her verified account on the (Instagram) application, Georgina Rodriguez published a photo of her wearing a white bathrobe.

shower robe

Strangely enough, Georgina Rodriguez continued to wear the same jewelry in which she appeared on the red carpet, during the activities of the Venice International Film Festival, and her hairstyle remained the same as well.

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(the life is Nice)

A few days before, Georgina Rodriguez published a new set of her looks on the red carpet, and she appeared on the first day, in a short, gray lace dress, off the shoulders, and exposed at the chest area, and coordinated with a blazer in the same color.

Georgina Rodriguez adopted a soft makeup, chose a bun hairstyle, and wore white shoes to match her look, which she completed with diamond jewelry.

Georgina commented on the photos she posted on her official account on Instagram: (Life is good).

(back to black)

Georgina Rodriguez appeared the next day with a classic look, in which a formal suit in black, revealing her chest also starkly, leaving her hair, which seems to have been cut, falling over her shoulders, with some accessories.

Georgina Rodriguez commented on the pictures: (I’m back in black).

Georgina caused a sensation while attending a festival recently.

Rodriguez published a group of photos of her through her official account on (Instagram), during which she appeared in a very narrow dress, bare chest and shoulders, which drew attention to her greatly, especially as he almost embarrassed her because of the tightness of the chest area, most of which was not covered.

Georgina commented on the photo: (I dream of dreams, I dream of life).
It turned out that Georgina’s dress was signed by Tunisian designer Ali Karoui, who knows very well that she loves this type of tight dresses with an opening at the bottom of it.

Behind the scenes of the Georgina Show on (Netflix)

Georgina announced her first reality show with “Netflix”. weeks ago

Georgina shared a behind-the-scenes photo on her Instagram account, asking her 26 million followers if they were ready to watch.

Georgina Rodriguez has finished filming a reality TV show called “Soy Georgina”, which will soon be shown on the “Netflix” platform.

It is produced by the Spanish version of (Netflix), which sheds light on Jurina’s life as a mother, model, businesswoman, dancer and many other things.

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And the network (Netflix) previously made it clear to her that the reality show of Georgina Rodriguez will provide a deep and emotional image of her behind her pictures and stories and make the big headlines.

As Cristiano Ronaldo’s partner, Georgina will reveal on the show all aspects of her life, from the most famous part to the personal side, and viewers will live her diaries, motherhood, travels, friendships, desires, her triumphs and her failures.

The Portuguese star will tell how he fell in love with Georgina Rodriguez, and during this film, he will admit that he fell in love with a beautiful brunette in a moment of a second, and he did not expect that it would end in this way.

The official release date of the movie, “I am Georgina”, has not been revealed.

The director of Netflix Spain, Alvaro Diaz, who revealed Georgina’s life before meeting her lover in an interview with the press, said: “Georgina moved from selling precious gifts to giving her personally, and she quickly proved her talent on the red carpet.”

And he continued: (Georgina Rodriguez is very honest, she was an ordinary young woman whose life changed overnight, she left work and crossed to the other mainland with the love of her life, who among us does not wish that?).

Ronaldo met Georgina Rodriguez in 2016, in a shop in the Spanish capital, Madrid, where she worked for only £ 10 an hour.

The duo then had a romantic relationship and gave birth to their daughter, Alana Martina, in 2017, just five months after the birth of Cristiano’s twins, Eva and Matthew, by another woman.

The eldest of Cristiano’s children, 13, is from an unidentified American woman.

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