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The most important symptom of infertility is the inability to get pregnant. In fact, there may not be any other obvious symptoms. Sometimes a woman with infertility may suffer from irregular or absent menstruation.

In some cases, an infertile man will show some signs of hormonal problems, such as changes in hair growth or sexual function.

magazine published “veda sanaAccording to studies, 30% of the reasons are attributed to women, 30% to men, 20% are mainly due to mixed or cumulative causes, and 20% It has no clear scientific reason.

The magazine said in its report, translated by “Watan” newspaper, that this problem is very common among couples, and often not knowing how to treat it leads to a very painful separation.

in women

There can be many causes, such as a blocked fallopian tube, PCOS or other thyroid disease, diabetes or a type of cancer. Other symptoms that could be related to infertility include irregular periods, increased body hair and acne.

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As for men, the reasons may be different

  • Obstruction of the sperm ducts
  • Prostate problems
  • cancer
  • erection problems
  • Poor sperm motility (sperm don’t swim well enough to reach the egg)

What can increase the risk of infertility?

There are some health and lifestyle factors that can increase your chances of having fertility problems, for example:

  • Be over 35 years old (for women).
  • Being overweight or underweight
  • Chemotherapy or radiotherapy
  • Excessive exposure to environmental toxins such as lead or pesticides
  • Excessive consumption of alcohol or drugs


  • Not having the recommended tests for chlamydia and gonorrhea
  • pelvic inflammatory disease
  • Injury to the scrotum and testicles
  • Excessive heat in the testicles (from wearing clothes that are too tight or from swimming or bathing in hot water frequently)
  • Existence of an accustomed character

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When should I see a doctor for an infertility test?

It is normal for it to take up to a year to get pregnant, and if you have been trying for more than a year, and have been unsuccessful, it is a good idea to consult your doctor about getting a sterility test.

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