Learn about the wealth of Sami Al-Jubouri, the man who made ISIS the richest terrorist organization in history


Published a newspaper The Times” A report on the arrest of Sami al-Jubouri, the man who made ISIS the richest terrorist organization in history, as his arrest is a qualitative leap in the war on terrorism, at a time when fears are growing of the return of ISIS in several places.

Never before has the arrest or liquidation of a single terrorist dismantled one of the most dangerous terrorist networks in the world, but the arrest of Sami al-Jubouri represents a good start. According to the British newspaper.

Who is Sami al-Jubouri, who announced the arrest of Iraq?

Sami al-Jubouri was not only the deputy leader of the Islamic State organization “ISIS” during the era of the late Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

He was also a financier, who exploited fossil fuel reserves in Iraq and Syria to secure the organization’s operations, according to a report by the British newspaper.

Yesterday, Monday, Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi announced the arrest of Sami Jassem Al-Jubouri, the former deputy leader of the “Islamic State” organization, Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi, in an “intelligence outside the border” operation. Baghdad al-Jubouri is considered “one of the most wanted internationally, close to the committee delegated to manage the organization, and close to the current leader of the organization” Abdullah Qardash.

According to a statement by the Security Media Cell of the Iraqi Ministry of Interior, al-Jubouri is “one of the most wanted internationally, close to the committee delegated to manage the organization, and close to the current leader of the organization” Abdullah Qardash.

And she added, “He held leadership, security and financial positions within the organization,” including the position of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi’s deputy. “He also took over the so-called House of Money Diwan in the organization and the deputy governor of the Tigris.”

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Washington has set a reward of $ 5 million for anyone who provides information on “Sami Jassim Muhammad al-Jubouri, who had an active role. In managing the financial affairs of ISIS operations, according to the “Rewards for Justice” program of the US State Department.

Sami Al-Jubouri

The program said that al-Jubouri “was holding the position of ISIS deputy in southern Mosul in 2014” and “served the position of ISIS finance minister. He oversaw the group’s revenue-generating operations from illicit sales of oil, gas, antiquities and minerals.

Certainly, al-Jubouri’s arrest is a blow to ISIS, but not the fatal blow that his arrest would have represented at the height of the group’s power.

How did al-Jubouri make ISIS the richest terrorist organization in history?

The revenues it pumped helped turn ISIS into the richest and most successful terrorist project in history.

It is this prestige that attracts new recruits to the organization whose name has become a label.

The British newspaper’s report points out that the self-sustaining arms of ISIS in other parts of the world do not depend on the main organization for access. She gets financial support, but she considers it an inspiration.

ISIS amassed its wealth as a result of its extensive control over lands in Iraq and Syria; Which in turn enabled him to expand further.

The loss of that area dealt a major blow to his finances and ability to organize, yet men like al-Jubouri continued to keep money flowing into the group’s coffers.

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At the height of ISIS’s power, the group generated revenues of nearly $2 billion annually, mostly from oil, in addition to collecting taxes from the millions. living under their control.

And while ISIS has lost its terrestrial “caliphate,” it remains a powerful force. Iraqi leaders regularly warn of the danger of the group returning to areas of Iraq it formerly controlled.

The western military withdrawal from Afghanistan provided a new opportunity for the group to seek expansion. It is one of the main interests of the West. Maintaining open channels of communication with the Taliban in order to prevent ISIS from taking advantage of the opportunity to engage and grow in Afghanistan.

Violence shocked the al-Qaeda leader

ISIS emerged for the first time from the al-Qaeda branch in Iraq, and wreaked havoc and violence on the land.

The irony is that the violence unleashed by Al-Qaeda in Mesopotamia, from which ISIS emerged, reached a degree that shocked even the founder of the original organization, Osama bin Laden, but ISIS was more ferocious than Al-Qaeda in Mesopotamia.


The al-Qaeda leader’s death was celebrated as a turning point in the so-called war on terror, but within three years of his death, ISIS had established itself throughout Iraq and Syria.

It also captured Mosul, Iraq’s second largest city, along with a third of the country.

It took the Iraqi and American forces three years to retake Mosul, in 2017, and two more years after that, to recover the last important area from the terrorist organization, where Al-Baghdadi committed suicide with an explosive belt.

The deadliest ISIS suicide attack on Western targets since then was the suicide bombing outside Kabul airport during the rapid evacuation of US forces, killing 13 US military personnel and at least 169 Afghan civilians.

The offshoot of ISIS and its wide influence made it probably the most successful terrorist network in history. It has exported the group’s name far beyond its original lands. The Sahel region of Africa is now seen as one of the hotbeds of concern. For the re-emergence of ISIS outside the countries in which it took root for the first time.

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