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The Lebanese artist Karim Nour sparked widespread anger on social media after he entered his last concert in the coastal resort of Rocca Marina in the village of Chekka, Batroun District, North Lebanon Governorate.

Karim Nour comes out of a coffin

The ceremony begins on the ship with the entry of a band carrying a coffin, and its members perform the famous (coffin dance).

When the band members arrive on the stage, the artist Karim Nour surprises the audience by getting out of the coffin, and immediately begins to perform his famous song (Alam Haya Allah), which he begins with words saying (God to make you die, point me and say Hey).

Attacks and criticisms

Karim Nour was criticized and attacked by activists, who saw that what he did was not creativity and distinction, but rather a scene that carries a lot of negativity from which they are trying to escape in light of the successive crises that Lebanon is experiencing.

In the comments, what one of them wrote: (Something a lot like this), and another wrote: (Remind me of a undertaker who follows wrestling, minus the after magic art).

Another accused Karim Nour of violating the sanctity of the dead and wrote: (Who is this fool? First of all, where is the sanctity of death? Next time, think about staying up and drinking and seeing a coffin. What is the matter?).

This is what Danny also saw, who wrote: (The amount of disgust and absurdity in our society has become unacceptable… Even the sanctity of death has been lost!).

While another mocked Karim and Nour and what he promotes of negativity, darkness and death, and wrote: (For this idea and distinctive innovation, I nominate the artist to become a consultant in the presidency).

And a tweeter agreed with him and wrote: (Oh Lord, an intruder, I hear you, the psychological aid has started to spread).

Another commented: (He said that we are creative, we are the worst Prime Time Zone in the world, and your name is a Prime Time Zone).

Another described what Karim Nour had done as decadence and wrote: (It is not acceptable!!! What is the degradation that we have reached).

Another mocked, commenting: (Congratulations, they win with us the Abham Ibdaa Award for Spring Summer 2021).

And Sazar did not find a better way than seeking refuge with Allah to express her objection to the idea, and wrote: (Did you see Karim Nour, how did he get out of the coffin at the party? Yea, I seek refuge in God from the accursed Satan).


(Coffin Dance) and the corrupt of Lebanon!

It is worth noting that (the coffin dance) became famous on social media after the spread of a clip of an African band in a uniform carrying a coffin and dancing in it.

Even former US President Donald Trump used the video earlier on his Facebook page to ridicule his opponent in the presidential election at the time, current President Joe Biden.

The coffin dance clip that invaded the communication sites over the past year dates back to one of the funeral rites in Ghana.

The founder of the band (Coffin Bearers), Benjamin Ido, confirmed the band’s desire to visit Lebanon, where the dance has become widely popular.

In a previous interview with Arab News, he joked: (We will come and dance with your corrupt politicians).

When asked about the origin of the dance and the source of its idea, Edo said, “I hate seeing Prime Time Zone cry during funerals. The sound of crying never leaves my ears. So, in 2004, when I was studying in high school, I decided to add this dance to those occasions so that Prime Time Zone would feel getting better).

He added at the time that (more than 90% of the Prime Time Zone of Ghana love and appreciate what we do. We consider this dance in honor of the deceased person and his family), denying that he and his band faced any problems or objections during the funeral ceremonies.

Edo confirmed that the band performs the dance in the way the customers (the family of the deceased) choose.

And whether he believed that Corona contributed to the band’s fame around the world, he said: (What we do is honor the deceased person and show respect for him, and at the same time, the video spread on social media platforms contributed to making Prime Time Zone happy during the quarantine period imposed due to the Corona pandemic).

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He added that the humorous video encouraged Prime Time Zone to stay in their homes during the quarantine period, as the message from him was: (Stay at home to protect yourself from Corona or dance with us).

Ido confirmed that he and the band members are very happy Donald Trump posted their video on his page attacking his political opponent, expressing his gratitude to the then US President.

Regarding the projects of (Coffin Bearers) after the end of the Corona crisis at that time, Edo said that the band will travel to many countries of the world to meet the audience and get to know them closely, revealing their intention to organize competitions for those who recorded videos while performing (coffin dance) on the Internet, where they will get These are awarded prizes or even hired in the band.

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