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Lebanese Manar Hamzah ends her disagreement with the sons of Shaban Abdul Rahim. Dance Compass A nation is tweeting out of tune


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The Lebanese artist, Manar Hamza, took the initiative to end the dispute between her and the Egyptian popular artist, Essam, son of the late artist Shaaban Abdel Rahim. After the inheritance crisis that triggered him and got into quarrels with him because of it.

Lebanese Manar surprised the sons of Shaaban Abdul Rahim and the audience by being present at his daughter’s wedding, accompanied by Egyptian businessman Hani Khalaf Abu Al-Dhahab.

As soon as the Lebanese Manar arrived at the wedding hall where the wedding of Essam Shaaban Abdel Rahim’s daughter was held, he met her very warmly. He said: “After all that you have done, I cannot tell you to go back, you are in our country, so you are honored and favored.”

Manar took the initiative to take Essam Shaaban Abdel Rahim with hugs and kisses in response to his words, so that what happened would be like announcing the end of the dispute between them. And the return of water to normal.

Hugs, kisses and dance floor

Manar told Essam that she could not forget the favor of his father, the late artist, the great artist Shaaban Abdel Rahim.

Manar performed a dance link with Essam and his daughter, to the singer Hamo Beka, who was reviving the wedding, in an atmosphere of happiness and joy.

Manar said in a press statement while she was at the wedding: “The crisis is completely over, and I should not sue the sons of Shaaban Abdul Rahim. For inheritance; Because their father is a favor to me, and in the end they are my brothers and it is difficult for me to stand before them. ”

Manar added, “When I learned about Issam’s daughter’s wedding, I was eager to attend in order to share the joy with them and end the conflict amicably. Businessman Hani Abu al-Dhahab helped me in this, and he has a good relationship with the sons of Shaaban Abdul Rahim.

We like Prime Time Zone like my dad

For his part, Essam assured that he does not want to enter into conflicts with anyone, and always seeks to reconcile everyone like his father, adding: “I am walking with the same. My father, may God have mercy on him, printed, we love all Prime Time Zone, and we do not hate anyone, but unfortunately she demanded the inheritance and had no right to it, and at the same time the crisis ended with her coming to my daughter’s wedding.

We saved the whole heir

In a related context, Essam Shaaban Abdel-Rahim, had caused a surprise by announcing the release of a new song entitled “We Save the Whole Legacy”, to respond to the Lebanese Manar.

The song is written by Khaled Saeed, distributed by Taha Al-Hakim, composed by the late Shaaban Abdel-Rahim, sound engineer, Hussam Judeh.

The song’s lyrics say: “Shayfin Manar, oh world, after a year has passed, she fell asleep and wanted to share our inheritance. The Lebanese Manar said I want her right. You are our sister, I mean, in the Emirate, eh, my father, and I did not marry my parents while I forgot my mind. ”

And the song also read: “Show your proofs and keep 100 100. Oh, Manar, you are left alone, and you are cut off, and show me any evidence if a piece of paper is cut. If one, I mean, I conceived with my parents and said I want my inheritor, this will remain Jinan my brother, I want your real inheritance. This is seriously and not Hazar.

And the song continues: “The heir saved us all and the money was saved, and in Ramadan, I will give you a lantern. Oh Manar, we had ten if I remembered for a long time. Work on Prime Time Zone as you like, but I forget the children of Shaban, but salvation.

Communication against Manar Hamza

And Issam Shaaban Abdel Rahim had previously decided to escalate matters with Manar Hamza, who claimed that she was his father’s wife, because of what she published on her page.

Abdel Rahim said at the time, in statements to “Youm7” TV, that he would file a complaint with the Attorney General against Manar Hamza.

Abdel Rahim accused the Lebanese artist of using his father’s name to search for fame.

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Abdul Rahim assured that Manar Hamza does not have anything in his father’s inheritance, and does not seek anything but fame behind this matter.

She was stalking my dad

Shaaban’s son Abdul Rahim revealed that Manar Hamza was chasing his father to shoot a clip with her, and that the pictures that she took with him were while filming a clip with him.

Abdul Rahim indicated that Manar Hamzah used to visit them at home normally during that period and he was not expected to issue it. Including such acts.

Shaban’s close friend reveals the truth

In the same context, Islam Khalil, a friend of Shaaban Abdul Rahim al-Muqarub, revealed new details about the fact that the late Manar Hamza was married.

As Islam Khalil said during his interview with the “Good Sabaya” program presented by Riham Saeed, on the “An-Nahar” screen. He wrote most of Shaban Abdel Rahim’s songs.

He added: “Shaaban Abdul Rahim was not just a singer, but a brother, a friend and ten years old, and I am a brother to his children and I was raised among them. I was most of the time. With him in theater, studios and travel, most of his life.

And Islam continued, “The stories of Shaban’s uncle are with me, and I keep beautiful and special memories between us, and his secrets were with me.”

Obsessed with fame

About Manar Hamza, he said: “I know this Lebanese girl, she is a fame freak, and there is no marriage or lease contract with her. I always attended their meetings, never married her. ”

He added: “Shaaban’s uncle used to love his wife, but the Lebanese singer only wanted to sing and become famous, and I had not seen her for many years. But she was talking to me on the phone. ”

And she was Lebanese singer Manar Hamza appeared in a video in which she claimed that she was the wife of the late Egyptian artist Shaaban Abdel Rahim. What caused controversy through social networking sites.

“I will not take anything away from you.”

During a live broadcast on her Facebook account, Manar Hamza demanded her right to the inheritance of Shaaban Abdel Rahim.

As Manar Hamzah said: “By saying to the children of Shaban, you are my sisters, and let the issue of inheritance and the villa be left to the law and the lawyer. I will not take anything away from you. ”

In other statements to the same site, Manar Hamza indicated that she possesses official documents that she obtained the villa of Shaaban.

She also said that the late artist wrote for her a possession contract, along with a small portion of his private property, and informed his lawyer about this.

Manar Hamzah confirmed that she did not know anything about the villa and these properties, until last month, due to their presence. In America during the past year.

Manar pointed out that the lawyer sent her all the documents that prove her rights to his estate.

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